Hello there! I want to share with you guys the requirements for credit card application in Thailand for those who are curious. I began inquiring about these since last year so maybe some requirements change this year. If you’re serious about getting one, it’s still best to go directly to the bank or contact their customer support. I love the fact that the calling process is quick and you won’t be put on hold for a very long time.

I also noticed that some of the bank websites don’t explain a lot, especially for foreigners. Visiting the nearest bank is still recommended.


So, here’s what I found out.


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) 

Documents needed:

  • Minimum monthly salary of 100K ( for foreigners) 
  • Passport
  • Work permit
  • Bank Account Statement ( 6 months)


My experience:

SCB is my primary bank provider. It is where I receive my salary every month. I thought that since I use it frequently, it would be easier if I’ll get a credit card from them as well. Surprisingly not that easy though. Upon hearing the clerk asking me if my salary is 100K or more, I froze and I thought to myself, “That much huh?”. Indeed, it wasn’t for me. I certainly don’t make that much in a month. How I wish that’s the case, hmm.

PS: I inquired again this year and guess what they told me? The same amount, 100K. Well, there’s no harm in asking more than once, is it?

Customer service No.: 0 2777 7777

Website: www.scb.co.th


Bangkok Bank

Documents needed:

  • passport
  • Work permit
  • Minimum monthly income of 15K
  • Proof of your income such as a payroll slip or a letter certifying your income
  • A copy of your savings or fixed account statement for the past six months from a bank or financial institution.
  • Holding amount of 20K from the account


My experience:

I felt confident about Bangkok Bank because this is where I deposit my savings/emergency fund. So I thought that they’ll go easy with my application to the extent that I got excited about the possibility that finally, a bank will consider my application. My excitement was cut short when the clerk explained to me about the 20K that they’re going to hold as a security. In other words, I won’t be able to withdraw the 20K unless I cancel the credit card.

What a wise strategy it is of the bank. It’s only fair I guess but I decided not to proceed with the application. My concern is, what if I will be needing that amount urgently someday. You know, since my savings is not that massive at the moment.

Customer service No.:02 645 5555

Website: www.bangkokbank.com


Krungsri Bank

Documents needed:

  • A copy of work permit that is valid for at least 6 months.
  • A copy/original of the latest computerized payroll slip or salary letter certified by the employer.
  • A copy of bank statement showing salary payment for the previous 6 months.
  • Average income is 15,000 baht per month.
  • Copy of passport


My experience:

I had my first credit card rejection from this bank. It was early last year when I applied but unfortunately got denied because on my bank statement it was lacking one-month salary payment. On their requirement list, it should be 6 months. It was a fault on my part. I guess I just wanted to try and hoped that they’ll approve. Besides, there were a lot of factors at the time that pressured me to apply. One being that I wasn’t sure if my school will extend my contract and two, it was almost summer break which means no pay. I was under an agency before so you know the motto, ” no work, no pay”.

Customer service No.: 02646-3555

Website: www.krungsricard.com


Krungthai Bank

Documents needed:

  • Income 15,000 /month
  • Passport copy
  • Payroll slip/ salary certificate
  • A copy of the bank account that is a 3-month payroll with the name of the bank account. – Account number.
  • Work Permit valid for at least 2 years or more


My experience:

This is my most recent rejection. Ha! I submitted all the documents; passport, work permit, pay slips and the bank statement from SCB and again I was pretty confident about it. The only mistake I did which caused my rejection was that I didn’t leave enough money in my account. I was told that there should be at least a 3-month worth of my salary on the account.

The clerk advised for me to try again in 3 months. We’ll see.

Customer service No.: 02 123 5000

Website: www.ktc.co.th


I have also included here other banks.

Kasikorn Bank

Documents needed:

  • 50,000 baht / month or more
  • Passport, visa and work permit in Thailand.
  • Income Statement

Customer service No.:02-8888888

Website: www.kasikornbank.com


TMB Bank

Documents needed:

  • Receive salary through transfer to account.
  • The salary base is 15,000 baht or more.
  • Current work over 4 months

The website doesn’t show the qualifications for expatriates. 

Customer service No.: 1558

Website: www.tmbbank.com


No credit card

I’m still cardless today which is a good thing in some ways. My rejection from my applications seems like a sign that I will never get a credit card ever. I haven’t decided yet if I will try again or not. I’m totally fine without credit cards anyways but I think that having one will provide more convenience to me in terms of buying or booking flights or hotels and will add to my financial standing like when I’ll buy a house or a car in the future and for visa applications.

For now, I’m going to wait. 

Thanks for reading!

Do you have a credit card? What were the requirements you submitted?

Was it an easy process for you?

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