I have always wanted to give an update on my stock market here on my blog. But because of what happened last year, my financial and future plans have changed diverting my focus away from my investments. Now I am back to it. So here it goes.


Since I first invested in the middle of 2017, my stocks at the moment are actually not doing so well. This is one of the other reasons why I didn’t post anything related to it because I was reluctant to show that they’re going down each day these past months.

stock market update

Beginner’s Luck

My first gain was a little more than  1,000 PHP on the first stock I ever bought which was AC- Ayala Corp. Then I sold it and bought a bunch of stocks for reasons that I know and utilize some of them and the others I bought because they were recommended by Colfinancial.

As you can tell, all my stocks are going down that if I decide to sell them right now, I will lose more than 4,000 PHP.  It’s not even the worst. Last month, it was going down to 6,000 PHP and the thought of losing money that much was terrifying to me. That led me to my conclusion that I am terrible in stocks.


I am an emotional investor.

I knew it beforehand that investing in stock market entails risks and I thought I prepared myself for it. Every time I see the amount after the minus sign at the bottom of the page, I get anxious to the extent that I’ll think about it throughout the entire day. Professional investors would probably laugh at me for this but I am trying my best to prevent myself from feeling that now. I try to remind myself that this is what  I signed up for and during the bad days in the market, I avoided accessing my account. I only do when I am ready emotionally.


Money invested in the stock market is a lost money.

This is something that everyone who invests their money should always remember. That once you have put your money into the stock market, you should also be open to the possibility of losing it completely. And sometimes the only time you gain money is after you lose some. Hence, don’t be crestfallen when stocks are not performing as you wanted because it’s like the wheel of life (gulong ng buhay), minsan nasa taas, minsan nasa baba. (Sometimes, it’s on the top, other times it’s at the bottom). This advice is probably most applicable to me anyways. =)


What’s my plan for my stocks now?

I was advised to stick to one strategy in terms of investing and I decided mine is for “long-term investment”. My plan is to buy stocks and will patiently wait for it to go up. Once I will gain a few thousand, I will sell those and buy a new stock. Though, I’m not sharing this with you guys to follow. You might prefer a different strategy that works best for you. All I’m saying is decide for yourself what you want and be very very patient. Patience is the key here. I will also try my hardest to add and regularly buy stocks as little as 2,000 Php every month despite the changes in my life right now. You know, responsibilities happen and my personal desire to travel kicks in sometimes.

There you go, folks! Unfortunately, this post is not a stock-market-success-story but rather a let’s-hope-it’ll-get-there-someday story. Once I’m on that stage, I’ll post again.


Cheerio peeps and Keep Investing!


Do you also invest your money in the stock market? What’s your strategy for investing? 

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