Hello, guys!

So, this is the big day I’ve been preparing for the previous month. I have recorded each day for 4 weeks of my training in preparation for my first 10.5K run. If you follow my running stories, I’ve previously joined my first 5K and 7K run in Bangkok. Finishing those fun runs has given me a sense of accomplishment at a different level. Running 10.5K this time, which is longer and tougher, is definitely a new challenge for me.

Not easy

And tough is the right word. Running for an hour or more isn’t like a walk in the park at all. It’s the total opposite. You’re keeping your legs and feet step forward and do it repeatedly until the finish line, or in my case, transition area.

Reading through my previous posts again, I hope you can tell how dedicated I was to do the run. I know I had to be disciplined, to manage my time well and to work hard. No matter how tired I was in a day, or was feeling lazy, I pushed myself to move and keep the miles coming. And if you know me personally, sometimes I can get really lazy and stubborn. But I persevered because I like it very much. I enjoy running.

Running 10.5K for the first time

The first 3-4K of my run wasn’t very hard. I was running with other men and women who have the same goal, the finish line. Faster runners were zooming passed me. But there were slower runners too.

The marathon started at 9 pm at the Grand Palace. If you don’t know, the Grand Palace is one of Thailand’s popular tourist spots. Next to it is Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

I was the third runner in our team so I was able to run after 11 pm. While running that night, I remember looking at the sky and the surroundings. It was so peaceful. There was a route where it was dark and quiet and I felt like the road was only for me and nobody else. I was so grateful that I was there at that exact moment. Even the weather wasn’t bad. It was raining the previous nights but it was only cloudy on the day of the event.

Around 6K, I felt a pain on my right lower abdomen. I got worried. That’s when I said, “Oh oh, this isn’t good.” Since it wasn’t that intense yet, I tried slowing down to ease the pain. Luckily, it did work. After a minute or two, I didn’t feel the pain anymore. So, I ran back on my pace.

By 8K when I was only a few kilometers to the transition area, I felt very tired. I could feel my heart beating fast. This was the time I was talking to myself a lot. Mentally psyching myself that I only needed a few more and that’s it.  And believe it or not, it worked. I even sprinted maybe the last 500 meters. Ha! Or it was how my body was telling me, “let’s end this craziness already!”.

Finally! Running to the transition area.


Yes, I did it!

I did it, guys! It felt so good afterward, to be honest. It’s like receiving an award on stage for something you worked really hard for.

Woohoo! I wore my medal right away because I’m so proud of it, I wanted people to know. Ha! (So that’s how it feels for others too.)


Finally, I’d like to share how happy I am to have met such wonderful and supportive teammates. I put them on my role model lists in running. I can tell that their love for running is real because of all the effort, money and work they put into it. They were talking about where they will run next. So I guess, it never ends, huh.

But for me, I’ll just take it slow. I’ll try more mini-marathons first. But I’m also actually opening the idea of a half marathon in the far future. I’ll just whole-heartedly try my best and we’ll see next time.

Cheering for Kuya on his last lap.


Yey! He did it! We did it!


Great job to all of us.


Hmm, where did he come from?


For the record, my first 10.5K took me 1hour 3 minutes. Not bad, I say. =)


Thank you all for your support!


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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