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Something that I should tell you guys beforehand is how my life has become more active these past months. If you read my previous posts, I wrote about my desire of losing weight. I said three months to lose weight but obviously, my first attempt was a fail.

The last year of 2017 was definitely not a great year for me. Stress and problems have piled up in my life forming this huge mountain of barriers. Starting from the loss of my brother to these health issues I had.

First was a bald spot I noticed in my head which later on was diagnosed as alopecia. Though my hair has regrown, I still have this insane hair fall every day. It’s like I’m losing hundreds of strands of hair every day. The second was my GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. My symptoms were heartburn and nausea. I didn’t feel well for a week or so and my visit to the hospital confirmed it as GERD. I couldn’t pinpoint the main cause for my weight gain that time but I was on my heaviest of 54.5 kgs with a height of 153 cms. I was bordering on overweight.

 A Decision Made

Months later, I told myself that I could do better than how I was living my life. I didn’t only look fat but worse I felt fat. Walking up 3 flights of stairs got to me quickly. I would sweat a lot and breathe hard. I would say that the hardest part was when people around me began commenting on my weight. Having this Filipino habit of mentioning someone’s looks or the physical appearance made it even more difficult for me. I wonder why it is, but how would you react when you will be greeted with lines like these?

“ Hi, kamusta ka na. Oy, tumaba ka ah” – (Ah, Thanks?)

“ Bakit ang taba mo na ngayon.” – (Uhm, you want a list?)

And the  worst,

“ Hindi na kita nakilala ah, akala ko si__(Name of someone overweight)”. – ( Ouch!)

Enough is enough!

I want to become healthy and fit this year. It’s always easier said than done though. Yep! Executing it is challenging. I didn’t even know how to begin it for myself but later on I set a time every day for exercise. It could be aerobics, yoga, dancing or running. So, I ran one day and ran, again and again, the next day. Consequentially I enjoyed it and I was hooked.

Two months after my first run, I noticed a big difference in my endurance and strength. If before I can only run for 2K nonstop which at that time seemed like my limit before I would collapse. Now I could run 8K non-stop. I don’t know with you guys but this for me is a big achievement, my achievement. Yepey!

My first 5K run

Because I am able to maintain a 4K-5K run almost every day for a month, I thought that maybe I can join a fun run without embarrassing myself. So I searched online and found the Music Run happening soon. It was not like any other run because you’re running to the beat of music literally and after the run, there’s a party. A total package for me: run + party = fun.

So, I registered and paid 900 Baht for it. The free kit included a knapsack bag, t-shirt, stickers and other stuff.  We could’ve saved if we booked earlier though. It was originally 600 Baht only.


On the day of the run

My cousin who is also a fitness enthusiast accompanied me. Thank God for her because I wouldn’t be so alone in this new journey of my life. Excitedly, we headed to the venue. The venue which we didn’t check properly. Ha! Supposedly the run was held at Suan Luang Rama IX. The problem was that I only remembered the word “Luang” because how many “Luang” can there be in Thailand?  (Ooppss!)

Anyways, I asked my colleagues about running in this “Luang” place and maybe they assumed it’s the “ Sanam Luang”. Plus, me confirming “Yes, Yes, That place”. So then, of course, they gave me these suggestions of going to Sanam Luang, Suan (สวน)  means “park or garden” while Sanam Luang (สนามหลวง) means “Royal Plaza or ground” in Thai.

Plan A: Bus ( one ride), but the traffic was terrible so we dropped off and tried plan B.

Plans B: Take BTS Skytrain to Sapan Taksin then ferry to Sanam Luang.

That’s what we did! After 1 and a half hour later, while on the ferry, we realized we’re heading the wrong way. Gah! That was 1.5 hours wasted and maybe 1 hour more heading back in the right direction.

From Phra Kanong, we headed to Sanam Luang. WRONG!

Suan Luang is pretty near from Phra Kanong and it’s on the opposite side of where we were heading first.

My dear cousin after realizing we’re positively going the wrong direction.

We were late.

When we arrived Suan Luang, runners were already on the track. Some were jogging, others were walking. Thank goodness for the walkers because them walking gave us time to join in even in the middle of the run. We skipped the entire 5K and maybe only ran the last 2 km until the finish line. Ha! But what else can we do given that situation? I consider the whole experience prior the marathon “a marathon” for me. After all those rides and wrong turns we should have a medal. I’m grateful that my cousin is a good sport though.That despite our mishaps we were able to just laugh it off and still be cool with each other.

Suan Luang Rama IX or King’s Park

 Trying to catch up.

Obstacles for those who are brave.

At the finish line, someone handed us the 5K medal. Aheem! Of course, they didn’t know what happened to us.

Excuse the hair. Wearing my sweet smile after the 5K/2K run.


Our 5K The Music Run 2018 medal. Yahoo!

Ultimately, the Music Run was a blast. I and my cousin enjoyed it to the highest level. I was so tired when I got home. My legs hurt from jumping and the prolonged standing during the party but it was totally worth it.  We will definitely be around for it next year. (We’ll be there on time.)

The Music Run Bangkok 2018 Afterparty.

Before ending this post, I have enumerated the important lessons I’ve learned from this experience.

  • Be active, don’t be a couch potato. You’ll love your body more when you’re healthy and fit.
  • Be consistent in your exercise. I know it’s difficult and sometimes we use a lot of excuses but don’t. Just stand up, put your shoes on and move.
  • Book ahead if you want to join fun runs or marathons. It saves money.
  • Read carefully the details of the run especially if you live in a non- English speaking country. Search the location online and save it in your phone.
  • Remain calm when things go out of hand. Don’t add stress to an already stressful situation.
  • Run with your buddy,  someone who enjoys the same activities as you and/or someone who is fun to be with on any given circumstances.
  • Run with a smile. =)


Keep running and keep smiling guys!

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Do you join fun run and marathon? What exercises/workout do you enjoy doing?


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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