Bali is a popular island destination in Indonesia. It is known for religious temples, beaches perfect for surfing and cool relaxing spots for meditation and retreats. I have always imagined myself traveling in Bali. My inspiration to go to Bali came after watching Julia Roberts’ movie, Eat Pray Love. I then dreamed of Bali with the excitement of seeing those places where J. Roberts shot for the film. This trip is my birthday gift for myself this year. I have also been wanting to try surfing so I thought that there is no perfect place to do it for the first time than in Bali.

Arrival in Bali

We flew from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok to Denpasar International Airport in Bali. It takes 3.5 hours to reach Bali. As usual, we booked it through AirAsia with option of booking both the flight and hotel for a very affordable amount. We arrived at our hostel at noon then ate lunch and checked-in. We rested a bit and explored the nearest streets for the rest of the day. Our hostel was situated near a street market in Legian so it was easy for us to find restaurants and to go shopping.

Awesome Historical and Breathtaking Places

Ground Zero Monument

This is a memorial built to commemorate all the victims who were killed during the terrorist bombing in 2002.  It was a horrible act that caused the lives of 200 people, mostly Australian tourists visiting a pub called Paddy’s Pub on Legian Street.

All the names of the victims are on the wall. (at the back). I didn’t know about this place when we took this picture. We only saw people taking pictures, so we did it too. A few days later during our trip, our driver mentioned the bombing that I then fully understand what this place means. I researched about it and watched videos of the night it happened. It was terrifying that I wish will never happen again anywhere in the world. Our driver explained that after this bombing, Bali was empty for months. No tourists arrived for fear of more attacks which greatly affected Indonesia’s tourism.

Bali is safe!

Don’t worry about the security and safety in Bali nowadays. Policemen are patrolling on the streets day and night.

Luwak Coffee

Have you heard of the coffee taken from the fecal matter of Asian Palm civet, locally known as “luwak“? Bali is strongly promoting this incredible coffee. Maybe because it’s very unique, healthy and tasty. It’s very popular that you will see these cafes and coffee farms being recommended by all tour agencies and drivers. What I loved the most was their free samples of different teas. Everything is free except the Luwak coffee in which you must pay separately for 50,000 IDR/cup. (3.5 USD)

Hmm! I liked most of the teas sampled. You can also buy them which ranges from 50,000- 150,000 IDR. (3.5- 10 USD)

They were showing us how to make Luwak coffee. This lola I believe was roasting the coffee beans.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills and Swing

Our first-day tour was one of the best days of our stay in Bali because of this place. The pictures of Bali in social media have been flooding with swing pictures. Wanagiri offers this experience and awesome photos with great views. Entrance fee is 100,000 IDR/ person. (7 USD)

To reach this place, you can rent a car. In our case, it was our driver’s recommendation and because of that, we booked him again for our next day tour =)

Handara Iconic Gate

When in Bali, one must have a photo with this popular Balinese gate. We were told that most Balinese gates look like this and the authentic ones don’t come cheap. We saw houses and establishments around Bali with gates like this, though smaller than in the picture. Definitely a Balinese style.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the view at the back because it was covered with fog. It’s supposed to be green mountains and trees. Well, that’s the weather cooperating during that day, ha!

We paid 30,000 IDR/person (2 USD) for selfie/picture-taking. We only spent maybe 10-15 minutes there.

Strawberry Farm

It wasn’t the season for strawberries when we came so we only saw few ripe ones. It was a small farm but you can pick strawberries by yourself and they will make a strawberry shake for you.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

It is a famous temple complex located in Central Bali. It is an old temple built in the 17th century for Hindu worshippers. Inside are shrines and Balinese infrastructures.

Entrance is 50,000 IDR/person. (3.5 USD)


Day 1 went well than what I expected. I loved everything about the island especially the food and how friendly the locals were. In my next post, I will share to you how the rest of our days in Bali went. If you want to read my other travel posts, click here. Suksma! (“Thank you” in Balinese)


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