August is my birth month and before September 1st comes which will also be my brother’s birthday, I would like to make a list of all the blessings I have received on this year. I feel that this year in my life was very special because I was able to make some tremendous changes that affected me for the better. I always look for everything in a good way so, even for small things, I appreciate it with all my heart.

These are my blessings:

1. I am still alive and healthy after more than 2 decades on Earth.

I’m truly grateful for the gift of life because I knew some of my friends and relatives younger than me passed away because of diseases or accidents. I am so lucky to still be alive.

2. Supportive Family and Friends

My family including my relatives and friends are always supportive of everything that I do with my life. Although opinions are open to being shared, they don’t force me to do something or criticize me in a very bad way. Of course, when they say something, I listen to them but the decision will always be coming from me.

My cousins and friends here in Bangkok are like my family for 3 years now. They are just like angels without wings to me. I will forever be grateful for their kindness, care and generosity they showed to me.

3.  Better Job

I really have a good feeling about my new job. The pay is better and the holiday is longer. After I was laid off from my previous job, I thought that I will not find a better job. But, I was wrong.

I have a positive feeling that I will stay longer in this school.

4. Be able to eat 3 times every day.

I am thankful for this because I know that in other countries, people are starving to death or the children are malnourished because of the scarcity of food. My problem is that I overeat sometimes which is really unhealthy. My weight is increasing to becoming fat too.

5. Ability to buy and shop whenever I like.

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t able to buy things I wanted because I had no money or my family needed to buy more important stuff. Nowadays, when I see things I like, I can buy it right away but I still chose not to be carried away with these spending impulses because I want to save and invest more for my dreams.

When I want to buy a thing, I have to think more than 3 times if I really need it or not.

6. Earn extra income from part-time jobs.

This is another big blessing I got started this year. When I first started working in Thailand, I didn’t get any extra classes, therefore no extra money. However, starting this year, I have extra jobs almost every day that I am truly happy about. Even when I had no job, my part-time jobs’ income helped me survive on my days of unemployment.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to complain though especially when I get tired because I am lucky than others. I just have to manage my time better like sleeping early and limit my unimportant activities at night.

7. Have the freedom to do anything.

I have watched movies and documentaries about culture limiting the independence and freedom of women or people in general. So, I am lucky to be in a country where I basically can do anything I want.

8. Time and money to travel and have vacations.

There are a lot of holidays in Thailand. As a teacher, I also get more holidays than those working with a different profession. This allows me to have vacations and to travel to some new exciting places.

9. Have a Savings Fund and started my Passive Investment

This is something I am most excited about. I have worked hard and sacrificed to build up my savings fund. At present, I am also learning more about investment. I am excited about my future because I can see that my life will get better if I continue with my financial road to freedom.

10. Launched my blog.

I had dreamed of creating my blog since 2014 but I did make this dream come true this year exactly on my birthday. I want it as a hobby but I hope that those who read my blog will learn something and be inspired to work on their dreams as well.

11. My loved ones and friends are well in health.

As long as my loved ones are doing well and healthy, I will also feel okay.

12. Living and working in Thailand for 3 years.

Moving and working here has brought me a lot of knowledge and experiences about life that made me who I am today. There are a lot of people dreaming of working abroad but has hindrances on their way. I am blessed to be here now.

13. Be a legal worker.

It’s not only enough to work here but it should be to work legally. I just had my Non-B visa and my school is processing my work permit. I hope to get it next month or the month after.

14, Colleagues and employer are friendly and helpful

My boss is cool and colleagues are family and really like family to me. They’re very helpful and supportive though there’s drama sometimes, I guess, everywhere you work, there is a drama that makes your work more interesting.

15. My friends are dependable.

I have friends here and back in the Philippines. They are genuine and my trusted people. I am happy that I chose my friends well or they chose me well.

Thanks for reading my list of blessings. I want it posted because I know that for my next birthday, I will have a new set of blessings to be thankful about. My goal for writing this is for everyone to feel blessed of the things that you currently have, big or small things. When you always think about what you have, you tend to be happy and being happy is what we all need in life.

Be happy, contented and blessed!

Do you also feel blessed?

What are you feeling blessed about?

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