We’re now in the middle of the year. Wow, look at that! How did the time fly so fast?

One day, I woke up realizing it’s been a year since I came back to the Philippines from Thailand. It made me reminisce about what had happened this past year since I’m home and reassess if my plan was indeed the right decision.

Luckily, I had taken a photo of myself on the day of my flight. I remember my emotions were all mixed up at that time, from the sadness of leaving to the excitement for a new phase of my life.


Definitely, A Right Decision

Of course, it was the right decision. The way I see myself right now, I’m happy. I didn’t become depressed regretting my life choices.  My family and friends are close by. Careerwise, I am finally doing something that feels right for me. How could it not be the right decision?

In terms of traveling, I’ve continued to go on my adventures in my home country. From visiting islands to reaching peaks, my adventure-seeking self never really ceased to exist while I’m here. It wasn’t easy planning these trips though because of my crazy work schedule. We don’t have a fixed day off and we get rotated every 15 days. But I made it all work for the sake of adventure.


Best Philippines Islands Adventure

My most memorable island trips are my Malapascua and Boracay holiday. There was also my first solo trip to Mati which was truly special. My endurance was tested when I climbed Mount Matutum. But then, my fondness for trekking all started with Lake Holon trip. They were all new and fun experiences for me. 

I conquered

I thought I was going to fail and not reach the peaks of all hills I climbed but I didn’t, I made it to the top every time. That is of course with the support of my friends. I thought I was going to be lost if I go to new places because directions are not my biggest strengths. Fortunately, I made them too, got to where I should be with the use of google maps and by asking people around. 


Update on Career

I believe the most accomplishment I got is from the fact that I’m finally practicing my nursing degree. The main reason I went home in the first place is so I can be a nurse. There were many instances in the past when I have already let go of the idea of me working as one.  Teaching is not bad at all. On the contrary, it was with me working as a teacher when I initially felt satisfied with my job. In the following years later, my life just went on. If I’m being honest though, I felt that there was always this void in my heart. A feeling like I’m missing something.

An Achievement

Now that it’s almost been a year, I’m giving myself a pat on my back for surviving being a nurse. I’ve always said this every time. Nursing is such a fulfilling job, yet it’s very stressful as well. But then again, I made it almost a year! Probably it’s a good sign, I’m finally doing what I’m supposed to be doing in my life, ha.

Ups and Downs

With all this said, I will also be honest to say that my life since I was home is not always as easy as it sounds. One time, my aunt asked me if I miss Thailand. Of course, I miss it. I miss the food, restaurants, and shopping. I miss the culture and the people. The feeling of being in a foreign place where I don’t know most of the people. I miss all those, however, I am more excited about the life am living now including all the possibilities of my future. I’ll hang on to that.

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