For the four years that I have lived in Thailand had I never heard of Koh Kood Island. It won’t be on the top 3 popular islands when searching for beaches in Thailand. There are plenty of famous islands such as the Islands in Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and many others.

My cousin, who wanted to go on a quick getaway for her birthday, planned everything for this trip. She invited me to go with her and me being myself instantly replied “yes“.

From Bangkok to Koh Kood

It began with a bus ride from Ekkamai Bus Station to Trat, a province in the Southeast region of Thailand. Our original plan was to take a bus but it turned into a minivan ride. Apparently, there are only two companies we found at the bus station that transport to Trat. One is a bus and the one we decided to take is the minivan. Time schedules are different so we took the earliest one for us. We would have to wait 3 hours for the bus at 5.30 PM but only an hour for the minivan at4.00 PM. So minivan it is! We paid 270 Baht/ person.

The window we paid 270 Baht/person to Trat by a minivan.


It took 5 hours until our arrival to Trat Bus Station at 9.00 PM. Luckily there was an available tuk-tuk in the station which brought us to our accommodation for the night, Pop Guesthouse. We paid 30 Baht each for the tuk-tuk.

It was past dinner time when we arrived so the first thing we settled after checking-in is our hungry stomach. Trat is a quiet town but there are still good restaurants you can go to eat even late at night.

Staying the night in Trat

We decided to stay in Trat for the night because the last ferry to Koh Kood is only until 1.30pm and we’re pretty tired anyway. It would give us time to rest after the journey and be refreshed to explore on the next day.

The next morning with an energized body, we booked a ferry going to Koh Kood island. The fare varies from ferry companies and time schedules. We bought the 12.30 pm ferry for 350 Baht (which of course was the cheapest). The ferry ride took 1.5 hours. The good thing about these ferries is that they make arrangements to make sure that you will be picked up from your accommodation in Trat and be delivered safely to your resort in Koh Kood.

From Trat, there are also ferries heading to Koh Chang.

Ticket for the boat which we bought for 350 Baht/person.


The free taxi from our guesthouse brought us here to wait until 12.30.


The boat, “Koh Kood Princess”.


Arrival in Koh Kood


The port in Koh Kood


Upon our arrival, a tuk-tuk from the pier dropped us to where we’re staying. We booked Koh Kood Gardens for 2 nights. We checked in and rested for a bit before starting to explore the island.

Map of Koh Kood/Koot. It’s a tiny island compared to other islands in Thailand.


To truly enjoy our stay like most tourists, we rented a motorcycle for 300 Baht/ day. The fact that there are no other mode of transportation aside from private cars in the island will force you to learn how to drive the motorbike if you don’t know yet. There are also cheaper rental shops I saw for 250 Baht/ day but the shop was quiet far from the downtown area.

If you are fond of walking or you don’t know how to drive a motorcycle, I suggest you stay in the resorts since majority of them are situated in the downtown area.

In front of our guesthouse where we also rented our motorbike for 2 days.


Activities to do in Koh Kood

1. Swimming

2. Sunbathing

3. Napping/Sleeping

4. Eating/Snacking

5. Repeat! Ultimate STAYCATION…


Aside from the basic mentioned above, you can also explore the island by walking around or driving the motorcycle. There are a few falls and trekking sites that you can go. We went to Klong Chao Waterfall and Klong Yai Kee Waterfall.

Entrance to Klong Chao Waterfall


More view of the waterfall.


Klong Yai Kee Waterfall



We tried going to Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall and the ancient tree but we got lost or I think we were at the right place but we’re just scared to continue the trek because we were the only people there and the trail looked haunted. ( Yeah, maybe we’re really just Scaredly Cats.) There was no GPS signal on our phones in that area too and our map was not so helpful. So we skipped it and moved on.

The trail to Huang Nam Keaw Waterfall (we thought) but we didn’t reach it because we’re scared and decided not to continue. Haha!


There are some bars, cafes, restaurants and viewpoints you can visit and hang out. If you want to explore deeper, try scuba diving or snorkeling. We found shops offering these services for as low as 1,000 – 2,000 Baht.

We found this restaurant called “The fisherman Hut”. They have live music and foreign staff. Pretty nice!


Koh Kood island is very different to any islands I’ve been to in Thailand. I was enthralled by its beauty and calmness. Tall trees were just in the corner. Seeing the beautiful flowers and butterflies gave me joy. I don’t see butterflies that often anymore living in the city. The island is yet untouched but I can see that they are slowly starting to develop it more ready for tourism.



and more trees….


Expect a quiet and relaxed island life when you go to Koh Kood. I would recommend visiting this island to take a break from your hectic city life. I felt rejuvenated and truly enjoyed this trip especially the opportunity to explore nature again and relax in the beach.

Only few beachgoers in the afternoon.




Coconut on an island is the legit island life.




A beauty to look at.


How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have a tradition you follow on your birthday?

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