If you are a foreigner working in Thailand, that means you may be renting an apartment or condominium in the country. And so, please be informed of the new policy from the Immigration Office. It specifically affects those traveling out of the country or out of Bangkok.

1. If traveling out of Thailand

The policy states that once you arrive back to Thailand, you will need to inform your landlord within 24 hours. Send him a scanned copy of your passport. It should include the front page with photo, then the one with the stamp and your departure card. Your landlord will make the appropriate report that you are staying back in their property.

In some cases, your HR may also require you to send those copies to them for your next 90-day report.

2. If traveling out of Bangkok for holiday in other parts of Thailand

In this case, you will need to ask the hotel’s staff if they will do the report or not. If yes, then, you will have to notify your landlord when you return. This is to let him know that you are back and will be staying in his property.

Failure to Comply

If you are unable to report within 24 hours of your arrival, you will be fined 800 THB per person. This could affect your 90-day report or 1-year visa extension.

A colleague of mine, who went home for Christmas Holiday, paid the said amount for failure to report. He was back in Thailand but didn’t know about this policy. It appears that it was a new rule and was only implemented this year. It was even right after we were asked by our HR to submit our contract copies of accommodation and our landlord’s identification card.

Finally, this new regulation of the Thai government could be their way to keep track of foreigners in their country. As well as, for security and safety reasons.

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