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My topic is about the controversial agribusiness ventures currently becoming the talk in the Philippines. There are different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of putting money in corporations like this. So, I want to share both sides and I’ll leave everything to your discretion if you think it’s worth investing or not. However, I also want to be honest to all of you and say that, “yes, I invested in it too”.

This is my story.

I first heard about it from a close friend of mine from high school who introduced it to me. To be honest, I was skeptical about it at first because the mechanism of earning money is quite very straightforward and rather very easy. Pay in a certain amount and after three months or so, your money will almost be doubled. Ha! Who wouldn’t want that?

In comparison to my investments in the Philippines stock market and mutual fund, it’s definitely showing an opposite trend. While my other investments are currently showing negative values, agribusiness growth is more stable to the positive end.

As it was explained though, the money collected from investors like me is spent on the development of new potential projects that involve agriculture, livestock and many more. Basically, while others are working hard for you, what you only need to do is pay in and wait for your profit after a few months. There were photos as proof of those projects. To make this claim even more convincing, there were people who already received their payouts. They even posted it on social media. It shows that it’s real and many are obviously benefitting from it.

Pros & Cons

The main advantage of joining in this kind of business is that, as mentioned, your money will have a sure profit after days of waiting. It is guaranteed and fixed. On the contrary, it is also extremely risky. No one knows for sure if this business will remain for long-term or if they will suddenly disappear in the air.

Realistically speaking, the safest advice is to not engage in these ventures. Besides, there are many other ways of investment such as in the stocks or mutual funds. But, if you want to take up the uncertainties, only invest what you’re willing to lose. In other words, don’t put in your entire savings. Again, only amount that when gone, would not jeopardize your whole life.

Why did I invest?

Mainly, it was because of curiosity. I know all the risks involved but I just want to try. Ha! I thought that if it’s true, then it’s great. I will have extra money that I can put into good use. If not, then it’s too bad and I can write about my stupidity in my blog. Ha!

To give you an example, I paid in a little more than 7000 PHP last year. Then, this year, it became 14,000 PHP. I have now the option of repurchasing or encashing it.

Ultimately, I want to emphasize though that it’s not my intention to encourage any of you to join in. It’s not why I shared my experience in the blog. In fact, I tried to make this article as balanced as possible by pointing out both sides. It’s up to you to decide. =)

Just, be smart about your money & be humble.

So, what do you think, guys? Is it worth investing or not?


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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