I am still a newbie in investing in the stock market. However, I would like to give you an update about my most recent sold stock, AC or Ayala Corporation. This is my first sold transaction at COL Financial, my broker so please excuse my excitement. I was not only excited but also nervous because it was my first time. I was worried that if I sell my shares and nobody will buy it. Haha! To my surprise, the transaction was rather quick, the same as when I bought the shares.

Just this August, I bought my first stock, AC. I bought 10 shares and the price of the stock at that time was 885 PHP. There is also a VAT deducted. The total net amount was 8,876.12 PHP.

My goal for investing in the stock market is for long-term so I was really trying to be patient as much as I can. I checked the value of AC online from time to time. I witnessed how it remained “red” in the first few days after I bought it but then after few weeks, I observed that it was slowly increasing in value.

I followed the “Investment Guide” from COL Financial and it showed that the future value for AC will be 1,000+ PHP. From there, I decided that if the value reaches 900 PHP and up, I will then sell my shares.

So then came September when I was checking the stock market value that day and I saw that AC reached 990 PHP.  It was near my goal of 1,000 PHP. So, I then sold my AC shares on that day. There are more taxes included including the Sales Tax of 49.45 PHP. The net amount was 9,811.37

From August to September, my AC shares have gained more than I expected.

9,811.37 – 8,876.12 = 935.25 PHP

For the duration of a month or two, my money has gained to almost 1000 PHP. I can’t be happy than that because it beats the interest offered by banks which is 0.250% per year.

I am truly happy with my decision of investing in the stock market. After I sold AC, I bought other stocks and the same waiting game starts. My strategy will be the same. If the value of my stocks reaches its predicted future value, then I will sell it.

Though I am not raising my expectations too high for my stocks I do hope that all my stocks/companies I bought will be successful in the future.

So, this is how promising my first transactions look like. I hope for more good news in the future. I will keep you posted!



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My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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