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Before I go straight to the topic about my new investments, I just want to explain that all information on this post is based on my personal experience only. I may not be able to reveal the names of the organizations or corporations for personal reasons. In addition, I also want to emphasize that it is not my intention to persuade you to join or invest too. It is your money, therefore, you should be responsible wherever you’re planning on putting it into.

Investments Schemes

So, I’ll begin by saying that last month has been a crazy month at my workplace. This is because of different investment opportunities popping up in the Philippines guaranteeing a positive profit month after month. I don’t know if you’ve heard of these but Filipinos in Thailand have been talking about these non-stop. Apparently, they heard about these first from their family and friends back home.

The scheme is actually pretty simple, you pay in a certain amount and after a month, you’ll get a 30%-35% profit. Another way of earning is by letting your capital “sleep” for a few months and the profit will be greater due to its compounding every month. Easy, right?


My first question was how do they guarantee the profit? Where do they get the money from? If you read my other investment posts, I have shared about an agribusiness corporation which until now, I am actively paying in and paying out money. So, I think, it is similar to that in a way that they finance small businesses to start up and become successful. I can’t really tell for sure because all of these is happening in the Philippines and I am obviously not there at the moment. In other words, I merely believed the words that come out from other people. Smart, eh?

Although I’ve still got questions and doubts, I bravely invested my own money last month. You ask, how much? I would be honest and say less than 100,000 PHP. And you might say I’m completely insane for doing that, I think it’s true. Ha! I think I am crazy. Haha! Seriously speaking though, why did I do that?

Reasons WHY

Well, one big reason is that I have relatives who already received their payouts. Two, I heard people who also invested and they were able to purchase cars and houses already. Ha! Three, I am taking this risk because I have some life changes coming these next few months which I will share soon. Lastly, I just have this inner feeling and belief that I’ll get something out from this. And besides, at this moment in my life, I don’t have huge responsibilities to consider yet like kids or debts.

If I lose this money which I hope and pray, not, I will have someone smack me in the head and push me into the river. Hehe. In all seriousness, I might cry a little and mope for months but I can move on again. Like I always say, only invest money you are willing to lose.

Second New Investment

So, I hope that one is clear. For this second investment I just literally made last week- I told you there are quite a few in the Philippines- we invested a total of 10,000 PHP. This one is very interesting and somewhat possibly incomprehensible to me. This is due to the percentage you can get after 30-45 days only. An example is, if you pay in 5,000 PHP, it’ll become 20,000- 30,000 PHP. Ha! I honestly couldn’t understand how on Earth can that happen. Why did I invest in this? My coworkers who paid in last month received their capital and profit this week so that made me curious which then led me to invest too.


We will see what happens if they are all real or scam. If I get my payouts, I promise to write about it. If not, maybe you will not hear from me anymore. Ha! Just kidding, I will definitely share about them too. Right now though,  I’m not thinking about them. What I do is I try to forget about it. It’s difficult sometimes because, at work, for instance, this is the topic of conversations almost every day. In my opinion, the best way to not get insane thinking if your money will still be there or not is to just focus on your daily life. It slips to my mind once in a while but then, I push it back behind. It helps sometimes.

That is all, my dear readers. Before I end this post, my advice to all of you is to not follow me. Ha! Try it if only you’re sure about what you’re doing and that you’re willing to take the risks. I never said that it’s all gonna work out because I myself has part of my brain thinking negatively too. But since I already entered on these, I have to end these too. You know, in Bisaya, we have this sarcastic line, “Nganong ni-enter?” or “Why did you enter/join?”. We use this at the end if something or someone failed. I hope and pray this won’t be used to me in the coming months. =)

Be smart about your money because you worked hard for it.

Until next time, be safe everyone!

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