If you haven’t read Part 1 (Day 1 & 2: Lotus Pond and Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum) and Part 2 (Day 3: Moon Park and Dream Mall) of my 5-Day Itinerary in Kaohsiung, please do so before reading this last post.

Day 3

In the morning, we found an affordable buffet-style eatery where foods are laid out for the customers to choose from. You can pick anything from meat, seafood, and vegetables for a very affordable price.

Breakfast: rice, fish, egg, and veggies for only 60 NTD (63 THB, 105 PHP)

1 Cijin Island

It’s a must-see island located just off Kaohsiung. It features historical places that are accessible by foot or by bike. With just a 5 minute-ferry ride, you’ll reach the island to explore and enjoy.

Cihou Lighthouse

This lighthouse has a very long history from 1860 during the Qing Dynasty. It was built by British engineers to install a proper ship navigation system on the island. Unfortunately, the place was closed during our visit. We weren’t able to go inside and take a closer look at the lighthouse.

On the brighter side, we enjoyed the view of Cijin island and Kaohsiung harbor from its uphill location.

Sorry for blocking your view. I just feel posing like Superwoman here. =)

Cihou Fort

The fort was originally built to guard the Northern entrance to Kaohsiung Harbour.

From this angle, you can really tell that it is ancient.

You will also get a good view from the Fort. It’s only a few minutes walk from the lighthouse.

Lighthouse to the right and the Fort to the left.

Cijin Island- Kaohsiung, Taiwan Part 3

Find me!

Cijin Star Tunnel

The Cijin Star Tunnel was originally built as a military tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel is a pathway to the beach.

Entrance to the Star Tunnel

While passing through it, I couldn’t help but imagine how people in the past were feeling when they were walking through the same tunnel. Maybe they were preparing for war or setting a plan to defend the island. It’s a surreal feeling contemplating how the world has changed from the past. You (my beloved reader)  and I are blessed to be living in this generation. Let’s just share LOVE, not HATRED.

Rainbow Church and Arch

The rainbow church is made up of installation of arches in rainbow colors. It’s a popular location for wedding and graduation photos.

Sea Shell Museum

This big shell is the best background for photographs and selfies. I read that it looks more beautiful at night time.

Sea Shell

Windmill Park

It’s an open park with windmills and fun sea creature toys. People love to hang out here or spend time with their family.


How to get to Cijin Island: Take Kaohsiung MRT –Orange Line to Sizihwan station. Go to Exit 1 and walk or take Bus 31 towards Gushan Ferry Pier.


                The way to the port for Cijin Island.

Ferry ride intervals are every 15 minutes. Fast and easy. You can tap your easy card to pay.

2. Shaochuantou Park and Bay Area

It is a park in Gushan District, Kaohsiung. If you need a toilet break or a coffee break, come to this park. There is a big Starbucks nearby.

 I remember something like this from our Hongkong trip. Have you ever seen like this somewhere? ( I’m curious about it.)

3. Wude Martial Arts Center

This Japanese martial art center was built during the period of Japanese rule to promote martial arts. It’s also a place constructed for martial art enthusiasts to practice.

Believe it or not, we ended to this center because we were lost. We were walking towards Martyr Shrine and somewhere along the way,  we arrived at this place. Ha! Lucky us!

I was smiling here but I was feeling tired from walking around. But, we found this so I have no complaints.


4. Martyr Shrine Monastery and Love Observatory

The Shrine was built when Japanese occupied Taiwan. It is to commemorate the fallen soldiers who fought during the war.  Right next to it is the Love Observatory. It is a perfect place to see the view of the port, buildings, and mountains in Kaohsiung.

At last, after 1 hour of walking. Google map said it was 20 minutes only. Maybe because of our wrong turns. Hehe!

How to get to Martyr Shrine Monastery and Love Observatory: Take Kaohsiung MRT –Orange Line to Sizihwan station. You need to walk for about 20 minutes from the station. You can also take a taxi.

5. The Pier-2 Art Centre

The Art Centre was originally an abandoned warehouse. They made an incredible job of converting the place into an art place where Taiwanese artists showcase their talents.

You will be surprised by how these artists showed their creativity in a large scale area. Rusty and recycled materials were transformed into artistic creations.

What do you reckon with these pieces?

I see something inappropriate. Do you see it too?

6. Love River

Love River is a river in Southern Taiwan. It flows 12 kilometers through Kaohsiung to Kaohsiung Harbor. It is beautiful, especially in the evening.

There are boats you can take to explore the river for as low as 150 NTD.

Day 5

Day 5  in Kaohsiung was our return to Bangkok  Our flight was at 1.00 in the afternoon so we woke a bit late and set off to the airport.


We stayed in Rui Gu Hotel and I would rate it 3.5/ 5. I wasn’t expecting it to be very nice because this hotel was one of the cheapest options I could book with AirAsia (Flight+Hotel).  The rate per night is around 500 NTD ( 531 THB, 879 PHP).

What I didn’t like is that our room smelled of smoke when I specifically indicated a non-smoking room. We were very tired when we arrived the hotel that we didn’t have energy left to ask to move to another room. We just opened the window in the room and turned the aircon on to a high setting. Then we fell asleep.

We also have to leave our room key at the reception area every time we go out which is unusual.

However, what I like about it is that the room has cable tv with few channels in English, heater, bathtub and free bottles of water every day. Pretty decent for cheap travelers like us.

Immigration Process

Filipinos have a free-visa treatment good for 14-days stay in Taiwan. This initiative of the Taiwan Government is valid only until July 31, 2018. The only advice for us from an airline staff was to keep our flight and hotel confirmation ready in case the immigration officer in Taiwan asks for it.

Ending: The immigration officer didn’t ask me any questions nor any documents.

Tada! Welcome to Kaohsiung!

We rented this electric bike for 300 NTD/ 2hours in Cijin Island. It’s easy and fun to drive.

I would like to go back to Taiwan if I will have a chance and maybe go to Taipei.

Have you been to any cities in Taiwan? How was your experience?

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