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Day 3

We welcomed Day 3 in Kaohsiung with a light brunch. We ate in a cafe near our hotel called T-Tea.

A tomato egg sandwich and tea combo for only 60 NTD (63 THB, 106 PHP)

1 Moon World Landscape Park

Tianliao Moon World Park is a natural formation of terrain geographically called “badlands”, caused by rain and stream erosion over the years. The landscape looks like the surface of the moon, hereby its name Moon World.

Moon World Park


It isn’t easy to get to the Moon World Park because it’s located in the suburban area. So unless you hire a taxi or join a tour group, expect some challenges and delays along the way.

If you prefer to commute, you can take the MRT to Gangshan South which is the end station and then take a bus to the park.

            People in the MRT are slowly thinning out. Heading to the end station, Gangshan South.

5-Day Itinerary in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Part 2 (Moon World, Dream Mall)

View from the train.

Bus Terminal to Moon World.


There are stairs you can climb on to see the top view of the park. ( Do some stretching first. )


Truly amazing!


2. Dream Mall

Heading to Dream Mall


It’s the largest mall in Taiwan and in East Asia so it’s something that you shouldn’t miss. Inside the mall are local and international brands combined. At the food court, choices vary from Asian to International cuisines.

Inside of Dream Mall


A band was playing outside the mall when we came. I was happy to witness a local Taiwanese band rocking their music.

A Taiwanese band playing outside of Dream Mall.


I believe this is a famous Taiwanese fast food, TKK. I loved their sweet potato fries.


How to get to Dream Mall: Take Kaohsiung MRT – to Kaisyuan Station. You can take a bus or tram (Grey Line) to Dream Mall.

The tram (Grey line) has arrived!


Thanks for reading!

Next up: Kaohsiung, Taiwan Part 3 ( Cijin Island ).

Do you have a favorite park? Why is it your favorite?

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