KAPA Update:

Maybe some of you are curious as to what happened to my investments which I wrote about here in my blog. I didn’t name these investment schemes but I feel like I want to open up about KAPA because it was the biggest of all. Aside from that, it caught the attention of the public not only in the Philippines but abroad too after it was ordered to shut down two months ago. 

What’s going to happen- KAPA?

I’m sure you’ve heard about KAPA if you live in the Philippines and that it’s still under investigation against allegations of it being a ponzi scam. Also, all its assets were frozen by the government because of the said investigation. 

Honestly, I don’t have any idea of what’s going to happen with it. There are speculations around that it’ll open in a few days but who knows. Maybe they’re just trying to ease the minds of Filipinos who put their money in, including myself. Ha! 

What I do is not listen to them because I’m thinking, if it’s not true, I’ll only get my hopes up for nothing. However, of course, I’m wishing and hoping that they at least give the capital back or any percentage of the capital.

Being Positive

This is how I managed to continue with my life despite the events that occurred months ago. I heard stories of other people who put everything they have to KAPA. Some borrowed or loaned money just so they can pay in. So, now that it’s closed, they struggle for real. 

In my case, the money I paid in is what I saved up specifically for investment purposes. It’s something I don’t need at the moment but I am hoping I can get a profit from in the future like a real investment. I don’t want to say how much I paid in but it’s a huge amount for me. Hopefully, if I will get it back, I plan on putting it legally like to buy a lot or property. 

Nevertheless, while there is no formal update yet, I’m going to continue living with my life because I have no choice. =) I will give an update once KAPA will be back or not.

Other Investments Update:

Aside from KAPA, I have also put money in other investment ventures as I’ve mentioned in my other posts. The good news regarding those investments is that I was already able to get the capital I put in so I feel relieved. There was another one which I was able to receive my payout. 

For this one, I invested 5,000 PHP and my payout was almost six times but they deducted other fees so I ended up collecting only around 25,000 PHP. 

Overall, I am still at a loss with my money. But I am positive and continue wishing for the best. Besides, before I joined, I already thought about the risks and uncertainties. My mindset at that time was that there’s a big chance that I won’t get the money back. Still, I pursued it so it’s all on me and nobody else.

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