One of the must-see sites for tourists visiting Bangkok is Khao San Road. It is known to be the backpacking district in Southeast Asia. It’s packed with restaurants, pubs, shops, and varying accommodations. It is also known for wild parties and memorable experiences for the young at heart. This is where exotic foods like scorpions, cockroaches and the like are sold. If you are into experiencing something totally different, this place is for you.

How to get to Khao San Road?

The best option is by taking a taxi. The fare will be around 100-200 THB depending where you’re coming from.

I’ve read online that one can take BTS to Saphan Taksin and then take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Phra Athit (Pier 13) and then walk from there to Khao San. 


I am nowhere a party person. (just to be clear) I only go to clubs with friends and family when they invite me or when I wanted to unwind after months of non-stop work. I’m sure you guys understand what I mean. =)

There was no perfect time exploring Khao San than to do it with family and relatives. Just recently, my relatives were visiting Thailand from the Philippines. They were a group of young people like me (ahem!) so why not bring them to Khao San Road, right?

 So we went there one night.

Upon our arrival to Khao San Road. We took a taxi and we’re dropped just near here.

First things first, food!

If it is your first time, it is a must to try the street foods.

Cooked scorpion for 50 THB only.


It tastes like grasshopper, I think. =)

More and more exotic foods to choose from. (worms, grasshoper, cockroaches, etc)

A normal food this time, mango with sticky rice which is what Thailand is known for.

The making of Loti.

Banana + Chocolate Loti. Yum!

Ice cream in coconut.


Party in Khao San is incomparable. For me, it may be because of the people I was having fun with. But it was really crazy. We started at around 10 PM, listening to the music, drinking, and warming up. Then we stood and danced for a long time because of the upbeat music from the club.

At an earlier time, people were watching on the street.

We bought liters of beer and shots of tequila. 1 Litre was about 200 THB.

And then, this happened. People started crowding on the streets.

They were unstoppable. So are we. =)

Khao San Road

People from different countries were there enjoying theirselves too. 

Finally, we went home at 1 AM. There were still a lot of people when we left. This night was unforgettable for me and hopefully to my cousins as well. It may be a one-time experience for all of us but a great and memorable one.

From now on, when I think of Khao San Road, I will think of this night with my family and relatives.

Do you like partying? Have you been to Khao San Road? What was your experience like?


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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