One day a few weeks back, I was watching TV with my uncle at their house. We were just relaxing, me browsing on my phone while he was on his tablet. Then, my aunt came inside and she looked like she was on a mission. She was going around the kitchen, busy looking for something.

I looked at her wondering what she was up to. With curiosity, my uncle asked her what was going on. She then told us that there were two young kids outside the gate digging through our rubbish. When she was interviewing them, they explained they were hoping to find plastic bottles they could sell or anything worth a peso. Their parents don’t have work at the moment due to the pandemic and they were only trying to help the family.

Being a kind person that my aunt is, she wanted to give each of them something to bring home instead of going through our trash. Since we’ve got this ration of rice and canned good from the local government that we haven’t used yet, my aunt decided to share some with these kids.

It’s not a lot but it made sure that they had dinner that day, possibly extend the rice until the next day. The two kids went home with a happy face.

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Be kind.

Let’s be kind to one another especially during this most difficult time. We don’t know what other people are going through. Some are having tougher times we even couldn’t imagine. My heart was so full and proud of my aunt that day. I told myself, I want to be like her. =)

That’s my short story. Hopefully, it inspires you to take a second glance at the person next to you, your neighbors, or your friends in need. Do what you can do to help them. Small things matter.

Be safe.

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