If you have been following my travel adventures, you will notice that the majority of places I’ve traveled in Thailand are islands. Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue water. In fact, my favorite destinations in the country are on the islands of Koh Kood, Krabi and Phuket.

Koh Phangan is one of the most visited islands situated in the Southeast region of the country. Surprisingly, I’ve seen many visitors coming from Europe especially from the months of January to February. Apparently, it’s their escape from the cold harsh weather in winter. If I have to give an estimation, I’ve only seen around 5% of local visitors.

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

As usual, I booked Airasia for the flight + ferry round trip low fare promo which cost me around 2,800 THB in total. It also included the bus ride which took us from the airport to the pier. However, if I booked months earlier, I could have gotten a less expensive rate. In my case, I booked two weeks before my flying date. Nevertheless, I think what we got was not too bad at all.

Plane ride

The first part of the journey involved a flight from Don Mueang International Airport to Surat Thani International Airport. This is so because Koh Phangan airport is still “under construction”. We took the Skytrain (BTS) near our apartment to BTS Mochit. Then, we waited for the A1 bus which drives straight to the airport. The bus fare is 35 THB/person.

The flight took about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Flying with AirAsia from Bangkok to Surat Thani International Airport


Upon our arrival at Surat Thani Airport, we asked the staff where we should go next. We were told that AirAsia has partnered with Raja Ferry. So, we went to their booth next to the entrance and confirmed our booking. They gave us our stickers and confirmation receipts for claiming of ferry tickets once we arrived at Donsak pier.

Raja Ferry; they also sell tickets to Koh Samui and Koh Tao

The bus ride from the airport to the pier took approximately 2 hours. Then, we claimed our ferry tickets from the ticket booth.


The boat ride took approximately 3 hours. The nice thing about the ride was that they have different seating options. There’s an air-conditioned seating room inside or you can stay out in the fresh air if you prefer. We stayed inside hoping to catch some sleep while we still could.

Got our tickets and we’re ready to embark the ship.


We have arrived at Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan.

Taxi/ Motorcycle

Now, this was the part of the trip I wasn’t very ecstatic about. We followed where most tourists were going until we came across the songtaew/ taxi area waiting for passengers. I find their fare very expensive (200 THB/ person) just for a short ride of 20 minutes. To be honest, it was the most expensive songtaew trip I have ever ridden in Thailand.

When we arrived at our resort, we met another tourist, who rented a motorcycle for 200 THB per 24 hours near the pier. I think it’s a preferable option to minimize expenses for budget travelers like us. At least with motorcycles, you can drive it afterward to go anywhere on the island.

Just in time…

Finally, we arrived at our resort before 6 PM, just enough time to explore the beach and witness our first sunset in Koh Phangan. It was incredible. All the grueling hours of traveling that day seemed to vanish after exploring the beach and watching the sunset.

Overall, one whole day was spent entirely on traveling. From our flight at 10.00 AM until our arrival at 6.00 PM to our resort, it took us about 8 hours. To say that we were exhausted and hungry is an understatement.

Finally, I would personally advise staying longer in Koh Phangan for a week or so because you’ll need to include the two days of traveling back and forth. Moreover, it will give you enough time to explore the island and relax during your holiday.

On my next post, I will talk about the beaches we visited and how we spent our week in Koh Phangan. =)

What is your most tiresome yet satisfying trip ever?


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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