I wanted to avoid posting trips that I may label as my little “disappointed trips” because writing it down here will make it permanent.  Visiting a new place is a unique experience to me that I am always grateful for. But I also want to be honest with myself and to all of you that during my stay in Koh Samui for 9 days last December until New Year of 2018 was not what I imagined it to be.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback from people who have traveled to Koh Samui. This sets very high expectations for me prior to my trip.

Koh Samui is known as the second largest island in Thailand. It is part of Surat Thani province. It’s quite far from Bangkok that the most convenient way is by flying. Though, if you want more adventure like us, there is an option of a bus ride or driving your own private car which usually take 10 hours or more. You will then need to take a ferry ride to reach the island which gives it a more sense of excitement for the travelers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It has nothing to do with the place. Koh Samui is indeed a beautiful and a relaxing place to be if you wish to sunbathe and have a good time. The problem with our trip was the weather. It was raining hard during our stay. It wasn’t usually like that as we were told by the locals but because of some typhoons in the nearby countries, it also affected the Southern part of Thailand.

Imagine yourself on a beautiful island with white sand and clear blue water added with all the entertainment and fun you can get. You will never get to enjoy these if outside is covered with dark clouds and angry water pouring down on you.

We also learned that Koh Samui is a convenient place if you also want to visit Koh Tao and Koh Pangan, other most visited islands in Thailand. We booked a travel agency for a day trip to Koh Tao but it never happened because there was not a pleasant sunny day for the week that we are there.

That was the start of me feeling like the trip was not going as we planned. Day after day, we waited for the rain to stop and once it disappeared, we went out and found ourselves on the beach or in the street markets. Then again, the rain would return forcing us back to our airb&b.

I will summarize the trip as a laid-back and lazy trip, an accurate definition of staycation. Most of the time, we were just in the house cooped up since we could really not do anything because of the rain.

Nevertheless, let me show you some really good shots we got when it wasn’t raining.


Good thing about the trip was the pretty house we stayed in. It has a pool on its own.


Ferry ride to Koh Samui.


Viewpoint in Koh Samui


Koh Samui at night. (after the rain, ofcourse.)


One of the beaches in Koh Samui.


We stayed near a pier so one afternoon, we strolled and enjoyed it.


While on the seaside.


I will be back for sure.


I will go back in Koh Samui soon and will do a better and more positive post about it. Yey! =)

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