Urgh! I Lost Money.

This must be how it feels to lose money from an investment you hope will give you profit in the future.

This week I sold one of my stocks with a price much lower than when I first bought it. At different times within a one-year duration, the buy prices were from 20-28 PHP. However, my selling price was 17.70 PHP. You can definitely see my lost here. Not to mention that this stock is my largest among my five stocks, with more than 1,000 shares.

Honestly, I don’t want to sell because I’m thinking about long-term investment. However, I noticed the stock value has been dropping significantly that I’m scared if I don’t sell now, I might lose more. It happened very quickly too. I think the company will just continuously plummet until next year due to a contract problem.

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With this experience, I learned that paying attention to business news around us is very important. Reading the newspaper and listening to financial discussions and updates will help us gauge the status or changes of different companies. Therefore, giving us information if we need to stick with them or not.

Whether I did the right thing or not, I just want to remember this feeling right now and record it through my blog. We don’t know. Maybe, it’s just an obstacle to the company and they might stand strong again like what usually happens in businesses. Nevertheless, for now, I only want to safeguard my money and avoid further loss by taking my money out.

One advice I’ve got is to buy them again at their lowest and after their contract problem will be fixed. So, for now, I’ll check this company from time to time and continue to read the news for any updates.

You can read more about my investments HERE.

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