Hola! It’s week 3 of training!

Week 2 was a success in my opinion. Despite the minor surgery, I was still able to reach my goal of 6- 7kms a few times. If you noticed, time isn’t really very important for me at the moment in this training. My goal is to run 10.5k regardless of how long it will take me. By thinking that way, I don’t put too much pressure on myself. Besides, it’s my first mini-marathon. I want it to be fun and a memorable experience.

Training Journal


The first day of my training week went absolutely well. I started strong with 7kms for 55 mins. Usually, when I run, I listen to music otherwise I’ll go crazy in my mind. You know that feeling when you’re alone at home without any sound. I don’t like it unless I’m reading something or when I need to really focus on something.

I didn’t listen to music during this run which has its advantage. I wasn’t holding a phone so I felt light and carefree. I thought I will get bored or crazy. But instead, my mind was busy thinking of different ideas including my future plans. That’s why I like running. I have my “me” time. Time to reflect on my life or to make decisions.


No training happened on this day. I felt exhausted and sleepy I didn’t think I have the energy to run. It made me realize about my unhealthy habits of sleeping late. I’ll blame it on the gadgets and novels I read. But if I can cut the hours I spend just scrolling through Instagram or Facebook at night, I can read my novels early and surely can sleep early. Geez, do you also have problems sleeping late because of these distractions? How do you go about it?


No training today too. I had a follow-up check after my minor surgery in my salivary duct. It’s a routine 1-week check up to see any changes after the operation. We found another possible problem. My doctor prescribed different antibiotics and then we’ll wait what happens after 2 weeks. You could say I wasn’t ecstatic hearing it. And I’m kinda worried too. Hopefully, it’s nothing but only an infection.


Still no running today. I was feeling under the weather like a little feverish. The school nurse checked my temperature but I didn’t have any fever. Maybe, it was only in my head.

So after work, I decided not to exercise. My body is fighting against something inside and I want to be a cooperative body owner. I don’t want it to work harder than what it’s normally doing at this point.


With all that is going on with my health right now, I thought about my unhealthy practices. One that I can think right away is my sleeping habits. During the weekdays, I only sleep like 5-6 hours/day which isn’t healthy at all. So I want to change that. Otherwise, my body will fail me.

I have to wake up at 5:45 in the morning because of the long commute to work. I know that the perfect solution is by sleeping early so I can get the 7-8 hours of sleep.

Another change I want to do is pertaining to my workout routine. I usually workout at night after work which I realized isn’t a best practice. Working out late affects my dinner time as well as my sleeping time. For those who exercise, you may also relate to this feeling right after a workout when your body will remain alert and energized for a couple of hours. It takes time to cool down so sometimes I don’t feel sleepy at night. 

With that said I thought, “How about I workout in the morning instead?”. A colleague of mine does it too so I was intrigued. I tried it today and yes, I actually liked it. I didn’t push my body too hard today though. I only did 3kms on the treadmill.


View out of the window. The sun is just rising up.


My cousin invited me to run with her at Queen’s Park. It was nice running in a new environment. I had a very good run, about 7-8 km.

Warming up

People were playing basketball, sepak takraw, badminton, etc



No workout day. I did my laundry and some cleaning. Took a nap in the afternoon and eat outside for dinner. A relaxing time for me.

Overall, it wasn’t a promising week for my training. I missed a few days of running. But what can I do when it’s about my health. 

Thinking about the marathon next week, I’m worried but at the same time excited. I hope it ends well.

Chao for now! See you in my last training week!


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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