Welcome to Week 2 of Training!

 My first week wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I’m learning that training is not a joke. It involves discipline, hard work, and effective time management. I am a working progress every day.

Week 2 Journal

Monday: One thing I’ve learned today is to not eat big snacks before training. I was so hungry that I ate my favorite milo+skyflakes combo. Ha! So during my run, my stomach wasn’t acting well. I was scared that if I continue I will vomit. In the end, I only completed 5k and I walked the last part. I wanted to do 6kms because that was the plan this week, 6-7 km. Anyway, I’ll do better next time.

Wearing my new pair of socks which is super comfy. My old ones are loose already.

Tuesday: I felt so energized both mentally and physically. Energies are flowing through my body. My adrenaline level was so high I could run more but I stick to my program. Just 6ish km so my body will get accustomed to a longer distance. I didn’t eat snacks too. That’s what I learned yesterday. Hopefully, I will get more days like this for the next coming weeks.

Wednesday: I didn’t do any running because I had a minor surgery done to remove a stone in my salivary duct. In relation to that, I was injected with anesthesia so that is my excuse not to train. =)

Thursday: Because I was feeling good the day after the surgery, I went for a run. To be honest, there was no pain whatsoever. It’s like nothing happened except for the hole under my tongue. Really, I had no post-surgery complaints. Tooth extraction is worse than this. So I did 6ish km in 45 mins.

It rained so my obstacles were these puddles of water. 

Friday: Unfortunately, I didn’t train today. I had a part-time job after work so when I came back home, it was late and I was tired. Rest was all I needed.

Saturday: It was the best training day for me this week. I felt really really good that I was like a bird flying with my wings. My body was in its best physically. I didn’t feel any discomfort the entire run. You know sometimes when you run, you will feel pain in your legs, thigh, tummy, etc. It was so great. I completed 7ish km in 40 minutes, a good ending for week 2.

In the lobby of my apartment, ready to end this week with a bang.

Sunday: No running today. Instead, I did yoga for 40 minutes. It’s only until today that I fully appreciated the benefits of stretching. I always say I’m not flexible but I also don’t do anything to change it. I’m liking yoga now especially if I’m really gonna be serious about running. A big part of running is stretching, before and after. If I want to avoid injuries, I have to do it routinely.

Running wise, I am happy this week. I reached 6-7kms per running session, exactly what I planned. Healthwise, I am a little off because of what I had to undergo this week.

Ultimately, health is very important because, without a healthy you, you won’t be able to do what you really love. And I would really like to run more and see how far my body can go with all these trainings. With that said, I am more conscious of my health now. I have to cut down the unhealthy side of me and I hope you do too for your health’s sake.

Ciao! See you in week 3!

How are you guys? Have you been doing some exercises too? 


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