Hey running, I am back.

Ready..or not?

I have an upcoming mini-marathon this October. A friend I met through Facebook invited me to run with them as a team in a relay of 42k run. As a relay, it means that we all have our share of the running, 10.5K each. Our team is consist of one boy and two other girls who I haven’t met personally yet. I’ll see them on the day of the run, I guess.

I didn’t agree right away because my last run was three months ago. My most recent 5K fun run feels like years ago already. I still do my personal workout but never running. I’m not sure if I can do the 10K, to be honest.

I finally agreed though because I think that it’ll be a good motivation for me to run again. Thinking that three other people, who by the way are professionals, are expecting me to do my part is more than a motivation to me. Certainly, I don’t want to embarrass myself or our team. That means I have to train hard for sure.

My Training Plan

So, I still have 4 weeks to train. I believe it’ll be enough time to get ready for 10.5K. As long as I won’t get lazy. Ha!

I have it all figured out. (I think!) I’ll train only on the weekdays and recover during the weekends.

Week 1, being the first week back to running, it’ll only be an easy jog/run/walk as long as I reach 5-6kms. minimum. In the second week, I will be a little tougher to myself. I plan on running at a faster pace than the 1st week. My goal will be 6-7kms. I will run for at least 7-8kms on week 3. Lastly, for the 4th week, I’ll run until I get to 8-9ish km. and try to do it at a faster pace. I hope this plan will be effective. Obviously, I am not a running coach or a pro runner but I’ve seen them plan like this. It still would be better if you have a coach.

Week 1 Journal:

Monday: First day back to running. Before my run, I did a longer warm-up than I used to, 10-15 minutes. I could feel that my body especially my legs were as stiff as rocks. Whew! Surprisingly, I was able to run 5k in total but very slowly. It took me 45 minutes. But it was alright. It’s the first day anyway. I wasn’t even expecting that I will be able to run continuously. I imagined myself stopping every 1 kilometer and call it quits at 3 but I did 5kms. Yahoo! (tap on the back)

First day back! I’m heading to a nearby mini-park to train. In my hand is an apple for energy before the run.

Tuesday: This time is back to the treadmill. I did a little more than 5K and I jog/run for about 35 minutes. It was a good training day except for a little soreness in my legs from the previous day.


Wednesday: My sleep on the previous night was very uncomfortable. The muscle pain I felt intensified on my thighs so moving them felt awful. Unfortunately, I didn’t run today because of that. What I did instead was a 30-minute yoga focusing on my legs and lower back. Because of this change of plan, I will have to run either on Saturday or Sunday so I can still follow my 5-day/week training plan.


Thursday: My legs and thighs are feeling better, not sore anymore. So, I did a 30-minute run on the treadmill in which I challenged myself to keep up at 7 and a 7.5-speed, majority of the time. I think overall, I reached 6kms. Just what I wanted.


Friday: I didn’t do any workout today, again. It’s the first day of my monthly visits. (Ugh!) I read that I can actually still run if I want to but ultimately rejected the idea. My mood plus the physical discomfort I felt didn’t mix well. Women, I know you understand what I mean. And besides, I went to my dentist after work to have my braces taken off, at last! We had a celebratory dinner for it. I will just have to run this weekend, maybe tomorrow. I think I should.

Saturday: Guess what. guys! I didn’t run again today. It was raining that I couldn’t go out and run in the park. I feel bad. I’m failing this training just as it is starting.

Sunday:  I should exclude Sunday because I couldn’t do anything on a Sunday. I had basic chores I needed to do and I’d like to rest too. I couldn’t do any workout nor any running.

My first week of training didn’t go out as I planned. I feel a tiny bit disappointed but I’m still proud of myself for trying to do this. Sometimes, circumstances like the weather or bodily changes could happen that will alter your plans. I couldn’t do anything about it anymore. But, I will do a better job next week.

Some quote to think about.

See you in week 2!


My name is Ira, twenty-something OFW, currently living and working in Thailand. It has always been my dream to start a blog. My goal is to share my life experiences, travels and my personal journey towards financial freedom.
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