Welcome to week 4 of training!


I couldn’t believe I reached this point. My mini-marathon is on Saturday night. Sure, I’m excited but at the same time nervous. It’ll be my first ever 10.5K mini-marathon.  I only wish that my body will be ready physically. Hopefully, no health issues will be stopping me from the run too.

Week 3 Reflection

Last week wasn’t very satisfactory in my opinion. There were days I didn’t train. My real concern is my health. I truly wish that health-wise, I will be okay on Saturday so I can perform the best that I can.

Week 4 Journal


I trained in the morning since I had a good sleep the night before. I did 5kms in less than 30 minutes. A good warm-up for the week ahead.

Pretty early in the fitness room. It’s only me and two other colleagues hitting the gym. Probably you can see Manang sweeping the floor on the sides too.

Not only did I run early but I ate vegetables for lunch too. Ha!

Mini-marathon Four-Week Training: Week 4

Lunch I prepared for today. See, I can try to be healthy if I really wanted to be.


Since I didn’t’ have a part-time job this day, I decided to run after work at our school’s fitness room again. I ran pretty well, 8kms for about 40 minutes. I was happy that I got to run that distance. That was the longest I’ve ever done so far in my training. If I continue to train like this, my mini-marathon will not be an impossible endeavor.

This is the longest I’ve ever done, about 5 miles. Ha!

Since I’ve got more vegetables left at home, I prepared my meal again for lunch.

Mini-marathon Four-Week Training: Week 4

My healthy lunch again, vegetables with fried chicken.


I did yoga for 30 minutes, for flexibility and strength. Yoga for strength only means more planking or body lifting which is intense. Covered in sweats after the session, I felt like I ran 5K. I also did a few minutes of Zumba just because I wanted to dance.

Since trying to be healthy, I stopped over a supermarket before going home and bought this salad. The vegetables were fresh and delicious. I plan on doing this at least once a week.

Vegetable salad for tonight. It has green leafy vegetables, beans, and nuts. What I missed the most are quail eggs. Yum!


I woke up early and did my training in the morning. I had something planned after work with my friends which I will share later on a separate post. We hang around the Train Night Market where we had dinner too.

With only a limited time, I finished 5K in 25 minutes. I was planning for 8kms but it’s still better than nothing.

I guess it’s still better to have run than never at all.


I don’t know the tradition the day before a marathon. Do I still train or rest before the run?

In the end, I decided not to because isn’t it like in board exams, you shouldn’t study anymore but relax before the exam day? Ha.

Instead, I ate ramen in a Japanese restaurant. I was craving for it these rainy days in Thailand.


This is the day! The big running day for me. I’ll share with you guys in another post how my run went. All I can say is that I did it, guys! Thank you all for your support. =)

I got the heavy medal to prove that I finished it.


I think I deserved a little relaxation day. What I did was watch movies, read, listen to music and take a nap. I was starting to feel my legs aching. Going up and down the stairs took some time. Oh well, I will surely survive this aftermath too.

I am planning on having a massage this week, not the Thai massage though. I’ll do it when my muscles are not so sore anymore.

Thank you…

Thank you for following my training, guys. I hope in some ways, I was able to motivate you to be active and to live a healthy life. Better if I hear you start running too. Then, maybe I’ll see you in the upcoming marathons.

I’ll end this post with this quote.


What workout are you doing, guys? Do you run too? Maybe, run some marathon? Tell me about it.


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