One latest requirement employers request to Filipino employees in Thailand nowadays is a police certificate or NBI clearance. Before the end of last year, I received an email from our HR requiring me to submit this document within a deadline. They explained that it’s a new update from the immigration office so we should comply. 


Here are the steps to get NBI clearance from Bangkok and then to the Philippines.

Step 1

First, go to the Philippines Embassy in Sukhumvit Road to get an NBI Form No. 5. In order for this form to be released, you must present the embassy staff your passport and two passports sized pictures (2x2).   

iraonherdreams-NBI Clearance Certificate-Bangkok-OFWs Abroad

Outside the Philippines Embassy in Bangkok

Now, this was where I had problems at first resulting me in going back three times to the embassy until I got it done right. In my first attempt, I didn’t have photos so it was a total failure due to my ignorance. Ha! Then I went back the second time with pictures but the photos were unacceptable, not on NBI standards. They should be 2x2 size with white background and your face should be covering most of the space. What I had was this typical picture wearing a formal suit which I normally use in my resumes. I don’t want you to experience all that hassle so please come prepared.

iraonherdreams-NBI Clearance Certificate-Bangkok-OFWs Abroad

Look at how big my face is on that photo! Hehe!


In addition, you will need to pay 925 THB for the service and form.

iraonherdreams-NBI Clearance Certificate-Bangkok-OFWs Abroad

Payment receipt

So, once you got the form, fill out all the information needed, stick your photos and give it back to the staff. Wait for someone to call your name because then, you will need to have your fingerprint stamped. This is a messy business but afterward, you can clean your hands so no biggie. Thereafter, if they are all dried up, they will give you the form and your business in the embassy is complete.

iraonherdreams-NBI Clearance Certificate-Bangkok-OFWs Abroad

Fingerprints, done!

If you don’t know where the Philippines embassy is, it’s located between BTS Thonglor and Phrom Phong. For me, I normally get off at BTS Thonglor and walk for about 10-15 minutes to the Embassy. You can always take the taxi but traffic can get bad in Sukhumvit road sometimes. You can also take the motorcycle if you are in a hurry.

Step 2

The next step involves getting the form from Bangkok to any NBI office in the Philippines. There are two options to do that. You can either have it mailed through a courier or beg a relative who’s flying back to the country. Luckily for me, my cousin was going home for the holidays so I requested her to do it.

NBI Online Services

I thought that the next part after this will be easy peasy but it turned out not as hassle-free as I expected. It was a good thing that my cousin and aunt did it for me. According to my aunt, who went to General Santos NBI branch, she first booked an appointment online,  She paid 200 PHP for that. Then, she went to the office and later paid an addition of 130 PHP (for LBC) times two. Apparently, for OFWs, NBI processing should be sent to their central office in Manila. Processing takes one week before the NBI Clearance will be sent back.

Finally, if you have no criminal records or hit in their database, NBI clearance will be immediately released to your perusal. The only step then was to post it back to me in Bangkok. So, through FedEx, my aunt paid around 1,200 PHP for this to happen.

Finally, it’s here!



To summarize, you will need patience, money, time and trusted family/relative to process your NBI clearance from abroad. From the moment I went to the Philippines Embassy to the day I got my NBI clearance, it took almost 2 months. Of course, another option is to do it personally which means going home and appearing to NBI office face-to-face. On the contrary, it will only take one-day processing and payment is 150 PHP. Big difference.

Good luck!

Please feel free to share your experience in the comment box below. =) Cheers!

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