What is your worth?

In finance, this question simply asks about your net worth.

According to Wikipedia, net worth or wealth is the value of all the non-financial and financial assets owned minus the value of its outstanding liabilities.

Examples of assets are savings accounts, retirement accounts, investments, home, and vehicle while liabilities include debt such as home mortgages, vehicle loan, credit cards, and personal loans.

Filipino adult has a net worth of $ 9,878 according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Databook 2016. This is around P 497,505 with a conversion rate of $1= 50 PHP.

Why is it important to know your net worth?

It is necessary to know your net worth especially if you’re aiming for financial freedom because you can then see if there is an increase on your finances or if there is a need to cut off your expenses.

My Net Worth as of July 2017

This will be my first ever calculation of my net worth. I will be calculating my net worth every 3 months in which I will also be posting on my blog.


Cash on hand/bank                – 35.78 %

Real Estate                               – 46.85%

Insurance and Retirement     – 14.45%

Receivables                              – 2.93%



Real Estate                             – 84.34%

Braces                                     – 15.66%


To share to you some kind of ideas about my assets, I have saved a few months worth of my salary as my savings fund in a bank. However, I have not added anything to it for the past 3 months because I was unemployed during this time. As a matter of fact, it has actually decreased but I am positive that I’ll be able to replenish it once I start working in my new job.

Currently, I am paying for a lot in the Philippines payable for 9 years. I bought 2 lots and I am paying 2,000 PHP /month. I am halfway through it as I have paid half of the amount already.

My insurance is VUL from Sunlife and I am also a member of SSS and Pag-Ibig.

My receivables are not that much. There are just a few amounts that my friends and family borrowed and promised to pay. It’s only about 1,000 Baht to 5,000 Baht and they pay on time.


The lot I mentioned is still halfway unpaid. That constitutes a big part of my liabilities.

My braces are the only personal expenses that I am paying for myself at the moment. My braces are worth 35,000 Baht but I am paying it through installment.

Overall, my net worth for July 2017 is P346,270. It’s less than the average Filipino adult and it is nothing compared to Henry Sy’s and I am totally okay with it. Again, this is the start of my finance journey and I didn’t expect it to be big. My goal now after knowing my net worth is to increase it every month. I plan on doing it by continuing to live below my means and regularly investing my money in stocks and mutual fund.

 What is your worth?

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