This is an update of my net worth this October after my first one in July. It didn’t increase which I hoped for. It actually did the opposite. * sad face*

But it was not surprising to me because I know that my savings have diminished affecting largely my total assets. My liabilities for sure lessened and fortunately nothing added to it for the past months.



Cash on hand/bank                – 30.22 %

Real Estate                               – 23.55%

Insurance and Retirement     – 41.33%

Receivables                              – 5.07%



Real Estate                             – 79.31%

Braces                                     – 20.69%


To give you a clear rundown, my cash on hand has decreased since the last time for a number of reasons.

One, for the past months, I have slowly paid my SSS, Pag-ibig, and other investments. It was largely on my SSS because I made a gap of payment for 2 years that I lived abroad. I wanted to fix that so I slowly made bulk payments to catch up. Good news! Next month, I will only pay my monthly contribution.

Two, I just had my half term break vacation in Myanmar which although isn’t many expenses but could have added value to my assets.

Lastly, in the last 3 months, I was still paying for my braces which is 3,000 Baht/month and another 3,000 Baht for my monthly alopecia medications.


My real estate investment is still the same. I have not bought a new lot and plan not to until I pay fully my current one. I’m happy because I have paid a little more than halfway into it. I’ve learned that if you will not think about it, it will pass quickly. You will be surprised to know that you will be almost done with your payments one day.

I have also started investing in the mutual fund and in Philippines Stock market for the past months. It has been like a roller coaster ride but I understand that is how these investments work. Besides, it’s only been 3 months so there is really not much to expect from it.

I have lent a few amounts to someone. Hopefully, it will be paid soon so that I can add the money to my savings.

For my liabilities, I have regularly paid my lot in the Philippines.

A piece of happy news that I wanna share is that I have finished paying 3,000 Baht/month for my braces. My next payment scheme is to pay only 1,000 Baht/month until I complete my treatment.

From my recent appointment with my doctor, this month will also be my last oral drugs maintenance. By the end of this month, I will have to go back to his clinic so he can confirm that there is really no need to take another monthly medication. Therefore, I will be free of a few payments next month. * happy face*

Overall, I am a little disappointed with this update because I was hoping it has increased from my last update. Obviously, it didn’t but I’m happy that it did not decrease too much as well. The next steps for me will be trying to fill up the gaps for my savings and continue paying my present liabilities.

How’s your net worth after three months?

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