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I was browsing on Netflix when I came across two interesting documentaries which made me question my food choices. They talked about the effects and benefits of eating plant-based food such as vegetables and fruits instead of meat sources.

It was surprising to me to learn these new facts as they were based mostly on studies. Like for instance, one latest piece of information was that it is not only in meat that we can get protein from. Apparently, plant-based food contains a high percentage of protein too.

The details mentioned in those shows were also very enlightening. There was one informal test in “The Game Changers” for example when the effects of eating plant-based on the ‘masculinity’ of men are compared to those who eat meat. It was quite funny. If you want to know what the effects are, you can watch the documentary yourself. =)


I am neither a vegetarian nor a vegan. However, watching these films made me realize I was living a less healthy life in terms of the food I eat. So I wish to change that.

Like many Filipinos, my family and maybe I, are completely meat lovers. We just love meat or I guess it’s a cultural thing too. An example of our day-to-day meal would include rice (of course, because rice is life) with adobong manok or baboy, fried chicken, pritong isda (fried fish), etc. And then, if it is a family day, we can celebrate more with humba or lechon baboy.


Healthy Eater?

In terms of vegetable intake, unfortunately, we don’t eat enough. Based on the WHO website, people are recommended to eat 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. This is for the prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.

With the genes I’ve got from both my parents though, I already imagine health problems that I will most likely suffer from. For one thing, my father had his first stroke in his early 50’s while my mom is hypertensive. In addition, my young cousins had some instances of hypertensive crisis already when they are only in their 30’s.

Therefore, if I don’t start taking care of myself now, I’m certain that I will regret it later. It is my hope to have a long life I intend to live fully and also to be with my (future) family. Eating healthy is an important factor that everyone can easily do and manage. Choose healthily, eat healthily.

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