I have this crazy impulsive decision made when I did my easy 5K run yesterday, which was also my first run this year after being dormant and lazy the previous months. I want to run a half marathon this 2019 before I turn 30. Yay!


I have listed my reasons for pursuing this new goal.

1. Reaching for a dream. If you believe in bucket list, I have one for myself which is to participate in a full marathon someday in, I don’t know, 2-3 years from now. And in order to somehow survive the 42K run, 21K will be my preparation and practice run.


2. For a healthy and active lifestyle. For the past months, I was like a bear hibernating. Sleep, eat, work, computer stuff and back to sleep again. I stopped exercising like I did when I joined fun runs and mini-marathon. There was no motivation for me anymore. Setting this goal will force me to train regularly. By doing so, I will be shooting two birds in one stone, become healthier and burn these long overdue fats.


3. Ideal age with high energy level. Since I am still young and able, it will be the perfect time for this energy-draining hobby to be put into action. I’m thankful I don’t have any injuries or discomfort yet as a result of long distance running. I don’t want to delay it and then regret someday because I didn’t try when I could have.


4. A new challenge. I love challenges. But I don’t do it to compete with anyone, I do it mainly for myself. I wanna be stronger than a yesterday version of me. Just like in my previous 10.5K run. If you ask me years ago if I can run that far, my answer would certainly be a big no. But hey, I did it. Now, if you ask if I can do 21K, I’m not sure but we will find out. I will try my best to prove that my body and mind can. Of course, it’ll be after those long exhausting training beforehand.

Talking about it, I remember a line I heard from a YouTuber I follow that sticks to mind. He said, “If you don’t challenge yourself, what’s the point of living?”.


I haven’t registered for the half-marathon yet because I want this to be special. I’m thinking of doing it in a different country. In that way, not only will I run my first 21K but for travel purposes as well.

When? it will be either June or July when it’s our vacation break at work. That will give me enough time to build up those running feet again. At the moment, I only have booked for a 10 mile run (16K) this May in Bangkok. It’s like a pre-half marathon run. Once I have all the details, I will post an update. =)

What I’m really trying to share with you is to have a mindset of, “Yes, I can do anything I want!”. If you’re in a situation where you doubt yourself, stop the negative thinking, and just try. And if you fail the first time, try again.


You can do it!

I can do it!

We all can do it!


Have a great weekend, lovely people!

What is your goal this year?

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