I’m starting a blog series entitled “ OFW in Thailand”. I frequently get asked about how my life or work is in Thailand. And so I decided to write a series of posts about it.

I’m going to explain and share as best as I can all these work and life-related queries. I will write not only about my own personal experiences as an OFW but other OFWs as well. However, please keep in mind that every experience is different from one another. The purpose of this series is purely informational which I hope will give insight to all aspiring Pinoys who plan to work abroad.

For the first part, I will answer the question, “Why Filipinos want to work in Thailand?“, and not in the Philippines or other countries.

Here are 5 reasons why a number of Filipinos prefer to work in Thailand.


1. Thailand is still part of Southeast Asia.

It’s relatively near to the Philippines. With just a short plane ride, an OFW can go home and be with his family right away. The fare from Thailand is less expensive compared to when coming from other Asian countries. A round trip ticket would cost 3,500-5000 Baht (about 6,000- 8,000 PHP) during a promo period. Going back to the Philippines is an unquestionable option in times of family emergencies or feeling homesickness. We can also easily invite the family over as an alternative.

2. Low cost of living.

I’m quite positive that other expats in Thailand would agree that the living expenses here are much lower than in other countries in the world. I even read an article that mentioned Thailand in the top 10 cheapest countries to live in and one of the best countries to live after retirement because of the affordability of goods and housing.

3. The third reason is the high demand for employment for Filipinos.

Compared to the processes and qualifications required when applying for a job in the Philippines, getting a job in Thailand is pretty straightforward. Present your resume and diploma, speak English confidently during the interview and show eagerness and determination. These will give you an 85% chance of getting hired. Plus points if you have years of experience. As long as you are determined and not picky to find a job, you’ll get one after only a few days.

Earning and saving money isn’t as hard as when trying to do it in the Philippines. If you want to earn more money, you can find extra sources of income by working part-time jobs. You can work as a tutor, babysitter, maid/nanny, waiter, and even a dog walker. Well, this is only if you’re willing to do these jobs or to work on your rest day.

4. Traveling is accessible and not a faraway dream.

I, for one, dreamed to travel around and working in Thailand made it more reachable. I was able to visit beautiful cities and countries since living in Thailand. The fact that Thailand is an international tourist destination made it similarly possible for people here to travel anywhere around the world. Airplane fares are affordable especially when planning trips around Asia.

5. Thailand is a beautiful and safe country to live in.

It’s beautiful because of its rich culture and unique traditions as well as its breathtaking islands and beaches. It may look like a grand holiday all the time. Everything that you can dream of a perfect holiday is here. Sun, warmth with amazing scenery will leave you to want nothing more.

It’s also a safe country. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. There are petty crimes here and there but it isn’t as vicious as in the Philippines (in my opinion). People are texting or chatting using their mobile phones anywhere. Thai people wear these flashy pieces of jewelry made of gold and silver while on the bus. Ha! They even leave their bags in restaurants when they have to order or go to the toilet. That is for me showing faith to the goodness of humanity which they do and they are. Thai people are generally friendly, kind and generous people. Really.


That ends part 1 of the OFW in Thailand series. If you would like to add anything or would like to ask me any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Please keep posted for my second part.

Ingat kayo! =)

Are you planning to work abroad too? In which country would you like to work?

Are you an OFW? What are the reasons for working in the country you’re at now?

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