Welcome back to my OFW in Thailand Series!

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet in which I talked about the Reasons Why Filipinos work in Thailand, you can read it here.

For this second post, I will talk about popular and in-demand jobs for Filipinos in Thailand. I have also added testimonials of our Kababayans to share their work experiences.

Here are the top 5 In-Demand Jobs in Thailand for Filipinos.

1. Education (e.g. Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Learning Support)

Majority of Filipinos in Thailand work as teachers. I would say more than half of the Filipinos in Thailand are teachers. Based on my experience, different schools either private or government has most likely had a Filipino teacher/s working for them. English teachers are the most sought-after jobs since the Thai curriculum added English as one major subjects in school. Teachers teaching Science and Math are also in demand and are earning much more if truly qualified.

A fun fact of Thailand’s History is that it was the only Southeast Asian country which wasn’t colonized by the European. They were able to manage it by their clever negotiations to the British. In some other time in the past, they also allied with Japan and the USA which helped them remained free from communist revolution. As a result, they were able to maintain and keep their own culture and Thai language and didn’t have the need to learn a foreign language especially English until this past decades.

“Communication barrier is sometimes a big challenge for a teacher here but once you are familiar with their language, culture, and tradition, it’s very easy to teach the kids. What I like the most working in Thailand is that your efforts as a teacher are rewarded. I like training my students to join local and international competitions. People here are warm, friendly and they will treat you as a family.”

    Robert, Math teacher for 14 years and has worked around Thailand.

2. Hospitality (e.g. Receptionist, Waiter, Bartender)

Other popular jobs are those related to working in hotels or restaurants. Thailand is one of the top visited countries all over the world. With that in consideration, hotels and restaurants are abundant which in effect need more receptionist, waiters, etc.

Who do you say is best in showing great hospitality? Of course, we Filipinos do.

“ Gusto ko dito magtrabaho sa Thailand kasi maganda at malinis ang paligid. Isa pa, mura ang mga bilihin dito at mas malaki talaga ang sweldo kaysa kung magtrabaho sa Pilipinas. Mas nakakatulong ako sa pamilya ko.”

Mari, 6 years working in a hotel in Bangkok.

3. Admin and Management (e.g. Office Staff, Assistant, Manager)

Filipino workers are usually employed in offices as well. There are International companies based in Bangkok that needs staff who can communicate in English verbally or written. Thai companies sometimes also need staff that can act as a liaison between them and their clients or their foreign partners.

“It’s easy. Unlike the jobs in the Philippines that are very stressful. To be honest, I sometimes get stressed here when I don’t have anything to do, or when I’m just waiting for the end of the shift. We only get busy if our assignments are continuously piling up.

The challenge for me is the language because I work with my Thai colleagues who aren’t able to speak English well.

I love it that we treat each other like family. We are only 20 staff in the office so we are like brothers and sisters. We often go out for dinner or drinks especially during special occasions.”

Ryu, QA Analyst for a year in an International Company in Bangkok.

4. Medical Services (e.g. Doctor, Nurse)

There are also a few of our Kababayans who work in the medical field. With the rise of foreigners in the country also means an increase in the need for world-class medical staff. Add the fact that Filipinos have a good level of English and intensive training in the field.

Medical staffs are in demand not only in hospitals but also in cosmetic or dermatological clinics.

“ Working here has its ups and downs. Thai people are kind and generous. When they have some treats or foods, they share it with everyone.

You just need to do your job and try to have a good  working relationship with your Thai colleagues as much as possible to avoid problems and conflicts.”

L: Nurse for more than a year in an International Hospital in Bangkok

5. Musicians (e.g. Singers, Pianists, Drummers)

It’s proven and tested in time that we Filipinos are talented in music as singers and musicians. Not only in Thailand that Filipino entertainers are in demand but in other countries as well. I believe that’s something we have to be proud of.

Almost in any hotels, restaurants, and bars in Thailand that you will see Filipino musicians playing or singing on stage.

“ I could say that from the time I started working in Thailand, I learned more about music and  I expanded my talent in other genres. I am able to meet wonderful singers locally and internationally. The tips that we get from our shows are a great help to us financially.

I know it’s part of the job but learning songs in other languages such as Thai and Chinese could be challenging sometimes.”

G: Singer for 5 years in Bangkok

For jobs in Thailand, you can visit jobs.DB and ajarn.com for any teaching positions.

Thanks for reading!

Are you looking for jobs in Thailand? What sort of jobs are you looking for?

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