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I have created a video about my pregnancy journey on my youtube channel. I wish to share my journey as I have always shared most of my ups and downs on this blog.

Getting pregnant has certainly been the best moment in my life and then seeing Max for the first time was mixed emotions for me. My pregnancy itself wasn’t as straightforward as I hope it would be but ultimately Max came out breathing on his own. Although he had to go through a lot of things that no newborn should go through in order to survive, he is very strong and a true miracle baby to us.

All throughout this journey, my faith, values, and strength as a person were tested hard. The anxiety and stress it caused not only me but my husband as well was like no other. Looking back now, I’m certain some of the times, I got so sad and depressed lying in bed thinking about what the outcome would be for my baby.

Is my baby going to make it? Will I deliver him but then he won’t make it? Will he be a healthy baby if I deliver him very early? Those were some of the many questions going through my mind at that time. And truly there were no answers. There were no straightforward answers, unfortunately.

It was all unknown. And that’s the scariest bit. But in the end, Max was delivered at 28 weeks no matter how we hoped he would remain longer inside. God has a plan for him and for us as a family. We are thankful to Him for giving Max’s life.


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