I am pregnant! This is the most wonderful news I have ever received! And so I want to write down this new experience on my blog as a journal of everything. All the good parts and the not-so-good as well.

Founding out I’m pregnant

The day I found out I was pregnant was so special although, in my gut, I had a strong feeling that I might be. This pregnancy has been planned, prayed for, and hope for for many months. Both hubby and I are in a phase of our lives where we can say we are ready in almost all aspects- emotionally, financially, and physically.

We are both in our 30s and although I want to deny and say that I didn’t feel a bit pressured by society or friends or family, I was. Family and friends commented about when I am going to have a baby and so on. Personally, I know that I am not getting any younger too. Therefore, the sooner I get pregnant, the better for me and the baby in terms of safe pregnancy/delivery.

So when my menstruation was late for a few days, I was hoping it could be because I am pregnant. However, because I am also realistic and I didn’t want to be disappointed in the end, I didn’t set my hopes very high. If it turns out to be negative, it’s alright. There is always next time.

I told hubby to wait a few more days before doing the pregnancy test just in case my menstruation would show up because it happened to me before. But never too late. So on day 5, hubby bought pregnancy test kits for me to use. I told him I would do it myself alone as I don’t want him to see it if it was negative.

Positive pregnancy test

My feelings at that time were just neutral as I already mentally prepared myself for whatever result it would be. I peed, collected a sample, dipped the stick as instructed, and then waited. I saw the sample going up and the first line came up.

I tried not to focus on it too much. After washing my hands and flushing the toilet, I glanced at it again and saw a second faint line. Oh my god!! That was when I started getting excited, my heart was beating so fast and I was sweating. I can’t just believe it. We are pregnant!

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The second faint line

The next thing that came to mind was to tell hubby who was waiting in the other room. When I showed it to him, he couldn’t believe it as well. And I know that he was so ecstatic. We both were, we hugged and kissed. Finally, we are pregnant.

Because we just want to be sure, we tried another pregnancy kit. This one was a digital one that would also say how far along we are in the pregnancy. And this one showed that yes, I am indeed pregnant for 3+ weeks. So cool!

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How I am feeling now

I am beyond grateful and feel blessed because God has given us this wonderful blessing in His perfect timing. To be honest, hubby and I already had a conversation about what if it would take us longer to get pregnant naturally. What then?

We had slightly discussed IVF, adoption, etc. but we remained hopeful to try it naturally for a year and then see what happens next. Truly God is great.

I am writing this post now and I am 17 weeks pregnant. We still have more to go. There are still uncertainties about what will happen in the next months. But as an optimist, I know the baby will be fine and well.

Before ending this post though, I just want to say that I know that the pregnancy journey is different for everyone. Some couples have made it easy for them to get pregnant while some are not. Whatever journey you are in, I am with you and pray for you.

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