This is not going to be a post explaining the differences among all the community quarantine policies that have been ordered in the country. This is going to be a post in which I’ll share my frustrations and my feeling of hopelessness during this pandemic.


Over the past months, we’ve been put into lockdown. Then, moved to the different community quarantine orders. To be honest, I don’t even know the differences. What I know is that it is aimed so people would stay at home. Therefore preventing the spread of the virus.

I remember a post I saw on Facebook one time, joking about a new kind of community quarantine that is missing on the list, BBQ. I think that was pretty hilarious. It’s one way to prove that Filipinos have indeed a good sense of humor. That despite the serious effects and challenges this pandemic has caused us, we can still find a way to laugh or put a smile on other people.


As I explained in the first paragraph, this post is about my frustrations and sorrow I have been feeling strongly for the past weeks. I am aware, however, I am not alone on this. Aside from the coronavirus being our central problem today, studies show that depression among teenagers and adults is something to watch out for.

I would normally describe myself to be a joyful and positive person. But being kept in the house, doing the same routine for months, and not seeing people you care and love can get depressing. Just recently, for example, there was a GCQ executive order in our province in South Cotabato again because of the rise of COVID cases in the region. Border lockdowns were imposed within the provincial boundaries. A short trip out of town which was hassle-free before would now include frequent stops and checks on the road.

The first time I heard that we again are under GCQ made me sigh deeply. My heart sank a little too. Until when are we going to be quarantined and put on lockdown? Seven months of this so-called “new normal” is not fun at all – wearing masks all the time, then face shield, social distancing. Not to mention, PPEs front-liners like me have to wear. I tell you they are uncomfortable but we don’t have a choice.

Feelings in 2020

I’m sorry for this unusual glum post of mine. Since this blog serves as my diary, I decided to write about my feelings of melancholy too. I hope in five or ten years from now, I can look back at this and confirm what a crappy year 2020 truly was.

I believe it is important to express one’s feelings whatever they may be- contentment, excitement but most especially of sadness. Although I have been feeling glum lately, I haven’t shed a tear yet. Maybe it’s because I’m still being hopeful. Hope that there is an end to this pandemic. That the life we live right now is not going to be forever. I pray.

This year has been very tough for everybody emotionally, I included. It makes me wonder and hope for a vaccine soon. Do you think we will have a vaccine by the end of this year? Or will it be next year? Would the Philippines be able to get vaccines when they are finally available? Or just like the availability of swab tests, will we be the last country to get vaccinated? But the most important question of all is, will this vaccine be safe and effective?

You see, even if we will have the vaccine, doubts, and uncertainties will remain. Problems and challenges we have to overcome to get back to our old life. Maybe we’ll never get back to our old lives. And that is a sad thought.

To end this post on a positive note because I’m not going to let us all feel down in the end. I’m going to list down three good things that come out from this pandemic. Believe it or not, there are good things from all this staying at home as well. Surely, it is the same for you too, just really think hard of the good side.

1. I learned valuable lessons about humility, kindness, and patience.

If I were to be left alone for hours or be forced to wait in a restaurant, for example, you will not hear me complain. I have learned to wait for weeks going months already. How hard can it be to wait for a few hours? It’s easy peasy.

2. Understand oneself and others.

With all the time we had for ourselves either in isolation alone or with our family, we should know by now what our likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses are including all those close to us.

Over the past months, I can confirm that I am a romantic. My movie choices are dependent on my mood of the day. I still don’t like social media, however, it has been very tempting in certain occasions.

3. Engaging in fun new hobbies and skills

I’ve already written about my crochet works, how my works suck in the beginning but there are improvements along the way which I am proud of. I would never be this interested in crochet making if this pandemic never happened.

It’s not all bad, you see. Let’s all be strong for all this shall pass.

Be healthy and safe, everyone! I promise to write a happy post next time. =)

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