Here are the steps on how I renewed my PRC Nursing ID in a mall in General Santos City.

1. Book an appointment online

This is one improvement I like in PRC now because it avoids delays and it makes everything more convenient. So, you can do this by going to their website. Register for new account or sign in if you already have one.

I didn’t clarify but I heard that one will not be entertained without booking ahead of time except for OFWs. In which case, an OFW will have to prove his status by showing either a plane ticket or an employment contract.

Another thing I realized is that one can renew his license anywhere in the Philippines. Like in my case, although I registered and passed my board exam in Cebu City, I can process for renewal and claim it in Gensan.

More importantly, there is a 1-month difference from the day of booking to the actual appointment date. For instance, I created my account online on July 1. When I checked their calendar, I was only able to book from August 1 onwards. That means if you are in a hurry to get your ID, then, book as soon as possible.

2. Go to the PRC office on Appointment Day

This is the second step and the most important one. Make sure to bring your old PRC ID, copy/photo of your reference number, 2×2 photo with your name underneath and a print out of your PRC form online. I tell you, if you want a smooth process, bring all of these and you’ll have a fast transaction.

Because I’m prone to wrong timings and inconvenience, I’m going to share how mine went. Firstly, after I learned that I needed to print out my form, which means I had to log back in on the website, I couldn’t because I couldn’t remember my login details. Ha! For you guys, make sure you take down your login information. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me.=) I did try clicking on “forgot password” but it didn’t work.

As a result of this, when I came to the PRC office, I was advised to make a letter stating that I couldn’t log in and to write my name, PRC number, and email address. What they did was reset my password at the main office in Luzon. That was also the start of my waiting time which I think lasted for a total of one hour.

Once that was done, they gave me a default password so I successfully logged in and printed the form needed. Furthermore, since I brought the wrong photos (only plain picture of me without my name), I also needed to have it fixed at the nearest editing and printing shop.

After I’ve got all my requirements ready, I submitted them all back in window 2.

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3. Log your name – “without CPD units”

For those with no CPD units like me, I had to write my name and my details in a log book with a promise that I will have to earn them soon or I won’t be allowed to renew my PRC ID next time.

4. Pay the renewal fee

The next step was to pay the renewal fee of 450 PHP at the cashier window. After payment, I waited for almost an hour before I got my new license.

Finally, here is my new PRC ID. Yey!

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Overall, I was in and out of the PRC office for 2 hours and 30 minutes. My advice is to bring all the requirements needed so you’ll get your ID quickly.


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