Last April, I joined my first ever 5K run in Thailand. Then, I decided to join another one. So I did some research online about runs and marathon that I can book in Bangkok. It’s very interesting that marathons in Thailand are like online shopping. There are tons of options you can choose from, almost every weekend in a year.

I discovered Wisdom Run with 1k, 7k, and 16K run to choose. I registered for 7K, an upgrade from my previous 5K. The fee was 500 THB including the running shirt and bib. The venue was in Suan Luang Rama IX. Because of my previous experience in this park, I made sure that for this second time I will be in the right location at the right time.


Wisdom Run: 1K, 7, and 16K.



I was excited but a little nervous prior to the run. I was confident that I can finish 7K because there were few instances during my training that I did run for it or even more. However, just weeks before the event, my GERD decided to appear and caused me a lot of troubles. I was feeling nauseous and unwell which resulted in my lack of training. I still wanted to run no matter what. I just talked to myself that if I needed to walk until the finish line, then I’ll just walk.


A photo before the run started.



During the run, I was feeling pretty okay. I took my antacids so I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms at all. I ran at a constant pace so I maintained my position as a starter amongst the runners. I think what made me maintain my position is because of the pacers I was following. I ran with them the entire time. I once watched a documentary about popular running athletes which made me realize how pretty cool it is if you can keep up with the pacemakers. (I will share the video below). So, I tried my best to stay with them though there was a time that I felt very tired and breathless.


I’m thankful for these running pacers. Obviously, they’re used to running because they never falter. Because of them, I was able to keep up my pace.



Nevertheless, I continued running, never stopping or slowing my pace except to drink water. I looked around the park and enjoyed the view instead. Minutes later, a fellow runner shouted that we were almost on the finish line. Ha! I was so happy knowing that I can finally stop. I sprinted and left the pacers because I want to end it at once.

After crossing the finish line, they handed me my finisher’s medal. Yepey! Then, another girl asked for my name. I didn’t understand why she was asking at first but later on, I was told that I was in the top 3 who completed the race in my age bracket. How cool was that? Ha!


Start/Finish line



Winning 3rd place was something I didn’t expect to come out from the run. All I wanted was to finish it.


I still can’t believe I won the 3rd place. Whew!



The last part was the awarding. I had a cute little trophy that I needed to claim on the stage. That was weird but in a good way.


Top 3 for 20-30 bracket. I’ve never seen them during the run. Maybe, they were far ahead of me. Ha!




This is for more running races to come. Cheers!



That day was all good and fun experience for me. More so, it gives me the motivation to try more races and challenge myself to longer runs. For my next one, I registered to a mini-marathon (10K) this August called Midnight Run.

Hope to see you guys there!

This is the video I mentioned in my post. Watch it! =)

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