This trip to Singapore was special to me because it was the first time that my sister and I traveled internationally. When we were in college, we always hang out together, we invited each other for trips to the beach or to friends’ parties or events. We always stick with each other.

But this time, we were both exploring Singapore for the first time. I was excited to see how well we travel together in a foreign country.

We actually did pretty well on this trip though. I think it’s because we’re totally different people. While I am the planner and worrier kind, she’s spontaneous and lives in the moment type. I check on where we’re going and where to stay. She follows my lead but if she finds something interesting, she’ll find ways to just enjoy that moment and not worry about anything which I then follow and enjoy too. So, we balance each other out.

How we spent 5 days in Singapore ?

1.  Exploring the Streets of Singapore.

The first thing I noticed when I came was how clean and organized everything is. You will never see any litters on the streets.

I’m also amazed by how safe the city felt even in the middle of the night. On our first day, I picked my sister up from the airport late in the evening from her flight. I was in a different country alone but I didn’t feel scared at all.

2.  Learn its history by going to museums.

We spent almost 3 hours learning about Singapore’s history, culture and people in the museum.

Not many people enjoy going to museums. But, I recommend you do this when visiting new cities or countries. This is your way of understanding about the place you’re visiting for a small amount and even for free.

Going to museums is also a part of my itinerary when I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Hongkong and Macau.

3. Trying out Singaporean Food

Food is important when traveling. Trying out new food is more fun and a little scary too.

What if you don’t like the food and you spend thrice the amount you usually spend on food? I guess that was just me but while in Singapore, that’s what I thought when buying food. 

I ate food that looks familiar to me like noodles and dishes with chicken and veggies.

4. Going to popular tourist destinations.

When talking about Singapore’s tourist destination, that would include this list.

– Merlion Park

– Gardens of the Bay

– Flower Dome

– Sentosa Island

– Sri Mariamman Temple

– Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park

– Marina Bay Sands

5. Enjoying every moment with my sissy.

It has been a memorable trip because  I was traveling with my sister. I would say that we’re pretty close but through this trip, we got to discover more about each other.

I felt blessed to have this chance to travel with her. Now that our priorities have changed, traveling together internationally may never happen again anytime soon.

Enjoy your travel with whoever you are with, either your family, friends or just yourself. I believe that is what true traveling is all about.

Do you have experience of traveling with your family in another country? 

Was it your memorable experience too?

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