Do enjoy spending time at the beach? If so, you will surely appreciate the beaches in Thailand such as in Jomtien.

Jomtien or Jomtien beach is a town on the east coast of Thailand. It is only 3 kilometers south of Pattaya. It only took us about 2 hours to arrive in our hotel from Bangkok.

We had visitors coming over from the Philippines to Thailand for a week. It was not their first time but we thought of spending a weekend at the beach so we can also have a short break that we rightfully deserve after long months of working. There is no any better place to achieve it where it’s not far to travel from Bangkok but to Jomtien Beach.

Where we stayed?

This is the most surprising part of our trip because we never imagined that our hotel will be so big and spacious and there’s more than one pool. We stayed in Ambassador City for 2 nights with a rate of 2,600 Baht/ night (Deluxe Room) including a buffet breakfast. We found out that the breakfast costs 280 Baht/person so we plan on eating as much as we can.

What to do?

1st Day

On our first day, we decided to check the hotel out and walk around the beach area. One of the advantages of this hotel is that it has a beachfront so you can relax and watch the waves if you want to. We were a bit hungry after arriving at the hotel so after settling in our rooms, we looked around for a restaurant to eat. We found a Thai restaurant near the hotel with affordable meals and a relaxing aura. After our dinner, we went back to our rooms to get a good night and be ready for the next day.

2nd Day

The second day started with our full breakfast. The breakfast varies from Thai and international cuisine. We all loved the breakfast. Then, we went to the pools to swim. We spent quite some time in the pool area just swimming, talking, sleeping, taking pictures (of course!) and reading. After we got tired, we went back to our room to get a good nap.

For our dinner, we ate at Chocolate Factory in Pattaya. They serve western foods like pizza and pasta. They also have Thai food which I ordered the fried rice with crabs. For desserts, we tried the chocolate dome and strawberry cake. They’re pretty sweet and delicious. The price for the main menu ranges from 200 Baht- up and the dessert from 150 Baht-up. There’ll be someone serenading you while you eat so that makes it more relaxing and comfortable.

After dinner, we drove around Pattaya City and walked around a night market to check on cheap products we might like to buy. After touring a little bit around, we then went back to our hotel to get a good night rest.

3rd Day

The third day is quite different because I woke up early before 7:00 AM and decided to jog which was a shocker because I stopped jogging for 6 months already. I thought that since we were on the beach and the area is spacious, why don’t I take the chance to jog again? That’s what I did for 30 minutes and afterward, my legs ached but it was a good start on my goal of losing weight again. At 8:00 in the morning, we had breakfast and went to the pool again until 11:00 when we have to get ready to check out.

Before heading back to Bangkok, we stopped through the Sunset view area in Pattaya where you can see the view around Pattaya City so you’ll expect a lot of tourists there.

It was a short and fun weekend for me. It’s always relaxing to see the beach and be out of your routine once in awhile. If you rather like nature, a weekend in Khao Yai might be what you like.

How did you spend your weekend?

Do you like going to the beach as well?

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