Bali is a perfect destination for surfing. With its varying waves, surfers of all levels are welcome to enjoy the ride.

Being first-time surfers that we are, we needed to learn how it’s done first. There are options to do that in Bali. Mostly, beginners are recommended to start in Kuta Beach because of its beginner-friendly waves. It simply means that the waves are mild and calmer compared to the other beaches. A number of surfing schools are being advertised online and in hotel brochures. Some I’ve seen offer 2-4 hours surfing lessons for 35-100 USD. Some include freebies (surfboard, surfing shirt, etc) in their fees.

We decided not to book yet. We hoped that there may be cheaper options we can find on the spot. Just because, sometimes affordable and discounted options are available when you’re spontaneous like that.

Luckily, we found one. It was even interesting that a man walked straight right us offering a surfing lesson when we first stepped in Kuta Beach. We declined him though thinking that we wanted to be able to find a place to sit and keep our things first.

Order drinks so you’ll be entitled to a seat under those umbrellas.


The second offer came right after. We found a place to sit. Then, while we were drinking our sodas and beer studying the surfers, the owner of the place where we’re sitting at asked if we wanted to surf. He gave us a discounted fee of 1million IDR (70 USD) (for three people) for 2 hours, each with our own personal trainer. We figured it was a better offer than the others so we agreed.


Watching these people surf awakens my adventurous self.

Surfing Lesson Begins

First in Surfing: Demonstration and Imitation

While on the shore, our trainers showed the steps of surfing: pull yourself up, step the left foot (if you’re right-handed), knees bending and try not to fall. Then, we tried it ourselves a few times and they gave corrections and some tips.


This was after we finished the short lecture + demonstrations. So excited, I am.

Second in Surfing: Try and try, with the expectation to fall…a lot!

After showing our trainers that we were ready to go, we headed to the water.

Unfortunately, my first two tries weren’t successful. I was kneeling on the board instead of standing up. However, after psyching myself, I gained more confidence leading me standing up on the board for my next tries. Yehey!

First try fail! I hesitated to stand up because of fear of falling down. Ha!


Finally, me standing up!


Surfing is a fun activity especially after you learned how to do it. It was funny that you want to try it repeatedly either until you feel like a pro or utterly exhausted. Not even two hours yet, I told my trainer, “I’m tired”. Ha!

The hardest part I think is after all the surfing is done. It’s when you have to go back and ride the waves again. These waves will keep pushing you to the shore. I’m thankful for my manong trainer who did all of the hard work for me.


What to expect?

You may have sore muscles after or bruises and sunburn (just like me). But, it was all totally worth it. Certainly, I’d like to try it again.


– Wear appropriate surfing clothes that will protect your skin from the sun. (unlike me- I suffered for 2 weeks because of my carelessness.)

– Apply sunscreen to your exposed skin.

– Don’t forget to hydrate.

Surfing is out on my bucket list! Yey!

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Do you surf? Do you have any recommendations of cheap surfing destinations for beginners?


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