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Day 5 in Bali was a little sad for us because it was our last day but we were able to visit a few more tourist spots by accident. We only planned on hanging out to a famous bar called Potato Head but ended up visiting other spots. The taxi driver we booked through an app offered a reasonable price for 8 hours of his service as our tour guide. It was so good we couldn’t decline.

Tanah Lot Temple

This temple is an ancient Hindu shrine located on a rock just offshore. Tanah Lot means “land in the sea”. It is a popular tourist destination and a famous subject of photography.

My expectations of Tanah Lot was different from when I came to the place. I expected a view of this peaceful looking place surrounded by water.

Look at this! It’s heavenly. I saw this online. Maybe, this sets my expectations of the place high.


I think we came quite early. It was in the morning which isn’t the best time for a visit. They usually recommend tours in the afternoon. Watching the sunset is the best activity in Tanah Lot.

Even though our view was different from what we hoped it would look like, I couldn’t complain more. 

There was only a little water around the temple so we were able to walk on the rocks. We found wonderful spots for picture-taking. They were unbelievably beautiful.


They are said to be holy snakes. You can take photos after donating any amount. You can also touch and hold them which I did.

This was after drinking the water inside a cave and was blessed by a monk. It’s not clear but I have rice grains on my forehead as part of the blessing ritual.


We were very occupied exploring the place that we didn’t notice that an earthquake happened. Our driver told us about it right after we exited the temple. We were surprised because we truly didn’t feel it. That was how exciting the place became to us.

Ticket costs 60,000 IDR (4 USD)/person.

Whenever you visit Tanah Lot, you will not be disappointed because there will still be great views around. If you really want to watch the sunset or capture it in its best, then plan your itinerary properly. Consult your tour guides/driver.

Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu

Batu Bolong is a widely known beach in Canggu. It is not as crowded as Kuta Beach and other beaches we’ve seen in Bali. The waves are perfect for surfers of all levels.

We got lucky to try the infamous mie goreng (noodles) with egg, the Balinese style. Our driver was eating in a small local restaurant next to the Beach. We couldn’t stop trying it ourselves. Hungry drivers/tour guides were eating with us. It was a total immersion moment for us.

Love Anchor

Love Anchors Boutique Complex is a shopping and restaurant village near Canggu Beach. I found souvenirs sold here to be cheaper than in other markets we’ve been.


Potato Head Beach Club

Potato head beach club has restaurants, bars and infinity pool inside. The club was recommended by a friend. Our driver said great things about it too.

The problem is that because it’s very popular, it could get very crowded during the day. Like really crowded we couldn’t find a place to sit for lunch. We ended up eating in the bar. We didn’t mind it since we enjoyed the view and the ambiance inside.

I love their concept of using recycled materials in their establishment. It’s very creative and unique. I think that’s what makes it a most suggested place for foreigners to hang out in Bali.






We ordered pizza Margherita and lemon iced tea. That was the cheapest we could find. Ha!

This ends my series posts of Bali. It has been a very memorable time for us. Personally, I fell in love with Bali that one visit was not enough. I will return someday. Because of the earthquake, its nearby islands weren’t open for travel. We missed those but maybe when I return, I’ll see them for sure.

I’m going to end this post with a quote about Karma, a belief greatly followed by the Hindus. Our friendly driver once said, “We are not afraid of the policemen, we are more afraid of Karma”.

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