The night train market or in Thai, Talat Rotfai, is a popular night market in Bangkok besides Chatuchak Market. Various stalls are lined up selling fashion clothes, souvenirs, shoes/sandals, bags and more. 

Located in the central part of Bangkok, options of transportation are easily available to visit the place. One way of reaching the market is by taking a taxi. Problem is the traffic, especially during peak hours. It can be stressful for anyone.

The night market is located near MRT- Cultural Center. If you’re staying near a sky train station (BTS), taking it then the underground train (MRT) would be most convenient. It’ll only take 5 minutes to walk from the MRT to the Esplanade Mall, then a little further to the night market.

Entrance to the train night market.

The Night Train Market

Even on a Thursday, the place is packed with people.

The market also offers choices of food and Thai delicacies. There are restaurants and pubs perfect for those who want to dine and hang out first before strolling around. Foods are sold at a very affordable price.

Food and drinks

Popular Thai street foods

Shrimps too, Yum!

Japanese foods

A Thai restaurant filled with customers.

We wanted to try this famous food but after learning it was very spicy, we changed our minds. The queue was also very long, we couldn’t wait anymore so we looked for another place to eat.

Spicy Ribs

We ended eating these delicious Thai foods instead.

This is called Tom Yum. 

Fish with sauce and some vegetables.

This one is the famous Som Tam or Papaya salad.

Our dessert for the night was this gigantic bowl of fruits. Very pretty!


My tip is to wear comfortable shoes to explore the whole place. Walking around the market can take hours depending at your leisure.

Money-wise, think twice before buying. Set a budget and stick to it. You don’t want to overspend than necessary.

Nevertheless, enjoy your time eating and shopping.

Enjoy your weekend!


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