This is a travel journal of our trip to Hongkong and Macau on March 2017. Before this idea came into place, I knew that these countries are no cheap countries to visit too. Therefore, we planned ahead in terms of our budget and we saved a little bit more for this trip compared to our other Asian trips. We set aside 15,000 Baht/person for the entire trip including the fare and accommodation.

Here’s what we did for 7 days in Hongkong and Macau.


This is our arrival to Hongkong International Airport from Bangkok. The flight took almost 3 hours and we anticipated the 1-hour difference to which Hongkong is an hour ahead. We arrived there when it’s still a little bit cold which I really hoped for. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees – 24 degrees. Proper clothing is a must. In order to save money, we took the bus from the airport to our hostel in Kowloon. We paid 32 HKD each for the bus ride rather than 90 HKD of the HK Airport Express or taxi.


The highlight of our second day was the Victoria Peak. It is a mountain in the western half of Hongkong and the highest peak on Hongkong Island. In order to reach the peak, you can take the Peak Tram which is very popular for tourists. Going back and forth to the Peak took a very long time because of the queue. We waited for almost an hour to purchase the ticket which is 88 HKD (roundtrip ticket/pax) and waited again to actually ride the tram. The good thing is that the view is really spectacular at the peak.


For the third day, we focused to explore Kowloon City and its famous tourist attractions. To save for the day, we decided to visit everything by foot starting from our hostel and just take necessary breaks in between. We also just brought our water with us all the time. The price of the water differs from one store to another but we found a small shop on the side of the street which water was sold the cheapest, for only 5 HKD.

The happiest part of the day for me was when we ate at JOLLIBEE. Pinoy kaya tayo. I missed Jobee so I ordered my favorite spaghetti and chicken.


On day 4, we went to Snoopy’s World, a small theme park located at the New Town Plaza Mall in Sha Tin, a suburban area in Hongkong. There is no admission fee. We took the East Railway which cost us 10 HK/ pax. It’s rather small but we took good pictures anyway.

Just next to the mall, we saw some signs leading to some kind of a park and since we are for discoveries, we followed it and walked a lot again on this day. It led us to some beautiful sceneries and a museum.


It’s our Macau Day. Going to Macau, you need to take a ferry or in our case the Turbo Jet. The fee is 350HKD/person (roundtrip). Once you’re in Macau, there will be a free shuttle bus that will lead you to their resorts and casinos so you choose where you want to go and enjoy the ride.

I would say that Macau is for luxury shopping and casino gambling. It would be fun if you have money but for us, taking pictures was enough.

Once you’ve had enough of it, you can visit other destinations in Macau. We met a Filipino couple and we decided to go together. We took the bus going to the famous town square in Macau called the Senado Square. From there, we walked around until we arrived at the Ruins of St. Paul Church which is also very popular in Macau. There were a lot of people on these areas so trying to get a solo picture was challenging.


It’s Lantau Island Day. This day was an unexpected day for us because we really didn’t have any solid plans to do for this day but we reckon to try going to Lantau Island and maybe we’ll find something interesting. We were not mistaken and I would say that this is the best place for me in this Hongkong trip. Going there was not even that expensive at all. We took the ferry to Lantau Island. It was the cheapest option and of course the slowest but we had no problem with that because we had all the time for adventure on that day. After we arrived we took a bus going to the Big Buddha. The bus fare is only 17 HKD/ person.

We just took our time walking around and taking pictures.


This is the final day of our journey and our flight will be in the late afternoon. Since we still have time in the morning, we explored Hongkong City. We went to SOHO and again walked through the busy streets of the City. When it was near our flight time, we head back to our hostel to get our luggage and said GOODBYE to Hongkong.

Have you been to Hongkong?

Which part of your Hongkong trip did you enjoy?

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