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I received a good news from my Doctor yesterday. If you haven’t read my first post about my disease, Alopecia, I was diagnosed with it since May this year and I have been taking oral medications and injections though those are not a guaranteed treatment. Apparently, it’s different for every patient. I might get it treated now but it could recur in the next 2-3 years or if I’m lucky, it will never return again which I am hoping for.

I had my monthly appointment with my Doctor yesterday and he assured me I will not have another injection in my bald spot because the hair has grown back 100%. After he said that to me, I literally clapped my hands out of happiness and the staff was laughing at me too.

Having no injection means that my immune system has stopped attacking my hair which was the main problem for Alopecia. Now, that my hair is back in my bald area, the next step of the treatment is to make my entire hair strong and for the new hair to grow longer and healthier. We don’t want to have it fall off again after it has just grown.

Hair is back!

My doctor explained that I shouldn’t stop taking my oral medications abruptly as there will be a big chance of recurrence. He called it “tail-off” drugs. The dosages will be reduced for 2-4 months until it will be stopped completely. My medications comprise mostly of vitamins and mineral supplements.

My new set of oral medications for this month.

The price I paid was cheaper too. This time, I only paid 3,250 Baht for the oral meds. More than the pain from my injections, I am glad because I will not be paying 2,100 Baht for it. I also still have the hairspray and cream at home so that also saved me around 2,000 Baht.

Overall, I feel great because of the progress of my hair from that bald-spot thin haired head to thick, newly grown hair. Additionally, I did not spend too much money than what I usually do from the onset of this disease. I am super thankful for that.

My thoughts:

I hope you can feel that positive vibe in me on this post which I am really feeling while writing this. My experience for the past months with this alopecia reminded me that sometimes life may get tough. You will be tested physically, emotionally and financially with your own life struggles. But remember what Dory always say, “Just keep swimming!” and everything will get better.

Are you struggling in your life right now?

What motivate you to keep swimming?

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