This is only a very quick update post about me. As you may have already read from the title, I am in the UK! It is a dream come true for me.

I haven’t talked about it much in my blog while planning and processing for it because a small part of my brain that time was doubting it will happen. It did though. And because I feel that at this point, I have reached one of my dreams, I plan to share my experiences on how I got here.

I hope to be an inspiration to others who are also hoping of working in the UK or other countries. Because it is possible. It would take a lot from you- time, effort, and money, I’m not going to lie.

My advice is to have faith in yourself and be patient because it will all be worth it in the end. There will be times when doubts, failures, and uncertainties would test the best of you. When you overcome them, however, you would be so proud of yourself.

That was how I felt on my flight from Manila to the UK and even until now. Probably for many years to come too. My UK journey was not an easy ride at all. It was not how I originally planned it, especially because of the covid pandemic last year.

So grateful

With the help of so many people- family, relatives, and friends, however, it became much easier to ride along with. And because of that, I am so grateful to those who stood by me, supported me throughout the entire time.

The bottom line is that no matter how impossible your goals and dreams seem to be, they truly aren’t. You can reach them too just as I did.

This is a new adventure in my life and I am super excited about it.

PS. A new beginning

As of the moment, I am taking my time adjusting to almost everything in the UK- the weather, food, and people among many other things. It is very interesting and fun to discover new things.

Most importantly, the Filipino community in our area has been wonderful and supportive to us.

I can’t wait to share everything with you, especially my thoughts in my blog. The past weeks had been very busy preparing for our OSCE, a nursing competency test for International nurses.

All we did was review, study, and practice. They were very heavy and stressful weeks for me and my friends. I do hope we all passed. (Please include us in your prayers.)

I have got more time to write in my blog starting this week which I am so happy about. I miss writing. So please expect more posts from me.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of me under a beautiful cherry blossom tree in Spring here in the UK. It’s one of my favorites UK photos so far.

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Take care!

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