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Hi all, I have created a video about my pregnancy journey on my youtube channel. I wish to share my journey as I have always shared most of my ups and downs on this blog. Getting pregnant has certainly been the best moment in my life and then seeing Max

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Belfast, Northern Ireland Trip- Part 3

Belfast, Northern Ireland Trip- Part 3

Day Tour Day Day 3 of our trip to Belfast is set for a day tour. During the planning stage of this trip, we were considering booking accommodation...

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Dec 9,2022- Fetal Medicine Appointment

Dec 9,2022- Fetal Medicine Appointment

Here are some more entries prior to my emergency delivery including my appointments at the Fetal Medicine Unit. 27 weeks & 5 days We went back...

Max Gabriel’s Birth Story

Max Gabriel’s Birth Story

Start of the year Before anything else, I will greet whoever is reading this Merry Christmas and Happy New year! This post is about the birth of Max...

My story started when I decided to work abroad. I want to earn a decent money so I can buy the things I want and give back to the people who helped me when I was younger.

I also love to travel and discover new places with my two eyes. I want to pursue this dream because life is not only about doing what we are expected to do. It’s also about enjoying it to the fullest.

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