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I Invested in an Agribusiness Corporation in the Philippines

Hi, readers. My topic is about the controversial agribusiness ventures currently becoming the talk in the Philippines. There are different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of putting money in corporations like this. So, I want to share both sides and...

Should I Join a “Paluwagan” (Hulog-hulog) System?

It has been several months since I last posted blog articles related to finance or savings tips. So, I decided to write my thoughts and opinion of "paluwagan" or "huluganay kwarta" in Bisaya.And if you are interested, here are my past financial posts.Secured Credit...

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How to Get NBI Clearance Certificate from Bangkok

One latest requirement employers request to Filipino employees in Thailand nowadays is a police certificate or NBI clearance. Before the end of last year, I received an email from our HR requiring me to submit this document within a deadline. They explained that it’s...

My story started when I decided to work abroad. I want to earn a decent money so I can buy the things I want and give back to the people who helped me when I was younger.

I also love to travel and discover new places with my two eyes. I want to pursue this dream because life is not only about doing what we are expected to do. It’s also about enjoying it to the fullest.

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