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Profile Pic- Driving- Car-driver's-license
Driving, as I realized, is a very important skill a person can learn through practice. Like in any other skills, it also starts from zero to little knowledge until one becomes a professional. Especially in the Philippines setting, where public transportation such as buses or jeepneys control most of the

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How To Apply for SSS Loan

How To Apply for SSS Loan

Now that I am back in my home country, I wanted to apply for an SSS Loan just so I have a record that I did. Many people told me that if...

How I Lost Money (7K) in ColFinancial

How I Lost Money (7K) in ColFinancial

Urgh! I Lost Money. This must be how it feels to lose money from an investment you hope will give you profit in the future. This week I...

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My story started when I decided to work abroad. I want to earn a decent money so I can buy the things I want and give back to the people who helped me when I was younger.

I also love to travel and discover new places with my two eyes. I want to pursue this dream because life is not only about doing what we are expected to do. It’s also about enjoying it to the fullest.

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