This post was supposed to be my first ever blog post if I pursued blogging in 2014. I wrote this and saved it on my email. So now that I have my blog after 3 years, I am proud to share this with you.

I have been living in Thailand for 3 years now. Looking back, I still remember my excitement and all the preparations I had before flying to Bangkok. I tried learning Thai words like “Sawadee Kha/Khap” which means” Hello” and “Kup Khun Kha/Khap” which means “Thank you” to equip myself.

As I reminisce and reflect about those past years, it made me come to a realization of some important things about the world and my life.

We live in a gigantic world

Thailand is the first international country I set my foot in and it’s a big country. Landing in unfamiliar territory will make you realize that there’s more than your country because there are other countries in the world. Coming here was an eye-opener for me that there is more than what I believed I’ve seen. I grew up to think that my country is “the country”. Though I know there are hundreds of other countries but it felt impossible to see in reality at that time. It feels surreal the first time you start exploring outside of what you are used to.

My love for travel is real.

It’s one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog. Even when I was still in the Philippines, I felt that energy in me every time there is an upcoming trip with friends and family. I just can’t stop thinking about it. The feeling and excitement are strong in my veins and it just ignites me more and more when I am in a new place.  I know that there will always be obstacles along the way especially the budgeting and the saving part but I believe that if you truly love something, you’ll work hard to get it, right?

Spicy is the ‘normal’ thing.

Thai food is delicious and healthy. They love vegetables and fruits. Just don’t forget when ordering food to ever mention that you want it “mai pet” or “not spicy” because it will be served spicy. It happened to me a lot of times. Even when you already asked for not spicy food, you wonder why it’s still spicy until you just get used to it. I was never a spicy food fan but now, I can manage to eat food with a little spice in it and I even eat vegetables now like broccoli, mushrooms, and tomato. Healthy living, right?

Learn their language.

At first, it was difficult to communicate with the local people because of the language barrier. If you want to learn more about the locals and their culture, you must learn their language. I am definitely not fluent yet but I know the basic words to help me survive my daily life. It will also help you gain new friends.

Trust No One but Yourself and a Chosen Few.

Believe it or not, there are also stories around the Filipino community here in Thailand about our fellow Pinoy scamming another Pinoy. Stories of debts not being paid and the friends you thought are real friends becoming your enemy. I think it’s because of our love for drama. Luckily, I haven’t experienced any of these yet and hopefully never.

Wherever you are, you must be responsible for yourself. Know the people surrounding you. If you think there’s something fishy, then save yourself by detaching from them as early as possible.

Did you live and work abroad?

What’s your story of living or working in a different country?

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