Overspending is a common problem why people can’t start saving especially when clothes shopping. This is particularly true for women who strive to look pretty and feel comfortable with the clothes they wear.

I, myself have challenges overspending when shopping sometimes and was maybe worst a few years back. I know women understand how hard it is to resist that compulsion of spending money in exchange for beautiful things. To overcome that compulsion takes a lot of practice and discipline in a person.

Here are the 10 tips to consider to avoid overspending when going shopping.


1. Plan how much you’re going to spend

Before going to the mall, take a minute or two to decide how much you are willing to spend for shopping. Ultimately, it will depend on your personal budget.

Keep in mind that the amount shouldn’t be too high that will affect your budget for more important things such as food or daily allowance. Your budget should be your extra money and not the money from your main expenses. Learn to prioritize.

2. Bring only the amount you need 

Do not bring your credit cards, ATM cards or extra money because the tendency is you will withdraw or use those credit cards on your wallet Although you are telling yourself not to use the cards, sometimes you just cannot win over that strong desire to own the thing while on the mall. You will even convince yourself that using your cards is reasonable. Another excuse is by telling yourself that you deserve it.

If your self-control is not yet that strong, this is the best recommendation.

3. Make a list of things or clothes you’re going to buy

Just like grocery shopping, making a list or mental list of what you need to buy will save you money and time. If you have a list, temptations will be reduced because you know what to do and where to go.

In the contrary, spontaneous shopping means strolling around the mall covering more areas which give a higher chance of enticement for spending.

4. Fight peer or family pressure while shopping

You should always know the people you are shopping with. There will be people, maybe a friend or family who will unconsciously encourage you to buy things out of your budget and if you are indecisive at some point, usually you will be persuaded.

Learn to say “No” and be firm on your decision. Remember that you will be the one who’ll regret at the end and not THEM.

5. Bring a trusted friend

Shop with a friend who follows the same principles and values as you are in terms of spending. In that way, keeping within a budget will be easy to do.

When you are on the verge of overspending, having this friend will be your constant reminder to be reasonable while shopping.

6. Shop like how a guy would do

I have heard of this joke about the difference between how the men and women go shopping.

It says that it will only take 30 minutes or less for men to shop because they only buy what they need and go straight home afterward.

It’s totally different story for the women. Women like us can stay in the mall for 2 hours or more. Though we have the things in mind, we usually go to the mall from the first floor to the top floor hoping to find the best kinds of what we are looking for. Along the way, we can get side- tracked buying what we don’t need.

This is why men are more trusted money-keeper than the women when shopping.

7. Take advantage of promotions and discounts

Go and check for shops or stores with discounts first before going to those without it. What you want may be on sale which will save you money than buying to shops, not on sale.

This also means that you need to be patient while shopping. When you see a thing that you like, try not to buy it right away and check the next one or two shops because they could be selling the same kind of clothing but for a cheaper price.

8. Be responsible of how you spend your money

Manage your money well. You are responsible of the money you spend. Every time you take your money out, think how you got the money in the first place. Don’t forget it’s from the hours of your hard- work and sweat.

9. Don’t be afraid to spend

Spending from time to time will make you more motivated to work hard or save more because every time you see your money vanish in exchange for a material thing, you will be prompted of the power of money. Money can buy almost all material things in life.

From my experience, I have tried working straight for a month and never went shopping. It was exhausting and I became unmotivated to work. But after treating myself in the mall, seeing my money gone in only a few minutes, gave me that determination to work hard again so I can replace the money I spent and buy more beautiful things for myself.

10. Practice mind power and self-control

The mind is a very powerful tool for decision making. If your mind is set, nothing can ever change it. Deciding to overspend or not is a very good example. Though it is a very tough thing to do but with constant practice, it will be possible. This is also a good way to test your self-discipline, how you can control yourself from compulsive shopping.

Truthfully, mine is not very strong yet because I still get tempted very quickly. So, I try my very best not to overspend by doing the other tips on this list.

Do you love shopping? Do you overspend every time you shop?

How you stop yourself from overspending?

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