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This is our last hurray in Chiang Mai and if you’ve reached this part, then, you must have read my previous posts as well. So, thank you! However, for those who weren’t able to follow my Chiang Mai travel series yet, here are the links below for you.

For this last Chiang Mai post, I would like to share in particular, the places where we ate while in the city if you are like us, budget travelers. Although, restaurants are not very expensive there too. A trendy restaurant, for example, charges around 200-500 THB per meal. Moreover, I will share what to expect about the nightlife in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Old City (One Street Food Market)

The Old City is our last destination before flying back to Bangkok. Surprisingly, the buildings really look old in terms of its style and the walls from years ago are still undamaged. Numerous tourists prefer to stay in accommodations around this area so hotels and restaurants are accessible to visitors. In addition, I enjoyed window shopping at the stores where all kinds of products from jewelry to food were sold.

Pretty lights up there, too!

My only concern was that the prices for food, just like these fruits are a bit expensive.

Night Market/ Night Bazaar

The night market, next to the night bazaar is where we always went in the evening to find food. The shops were open the entire time we were there so I think they are open daily from around 5 pm until midnight. This is also for me, the best place for souvenir shopping but don’t forget to bargain for cheaper prices. Common souvenirs bought by tourists are tribal shirts/dress and pants. For this trip, I bought a couple of artistic fridge magnets with an elephant design for only 35 THB per piece.

Nightlife in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for parties and fun, there is one held every night at the bazaar. A local Thai band will entertain the audience which then gets better as they play upbeat songs for a chance to dance along.

Cocktail drinks for 150 THB

We’ve also seen a few pubs if you only want to drink and chill. And, of course, next to these pubs are pretty women in seductive clothes. (If you know what I mean. Ha!)

Where to eat inexpensively in Chiang Mai?

The first thing we wanted to know after we arrived in the city are places where we could eat cheaply. So, other than McDonald’s, where we ate once, we found the food market at the Night Bazaar where small shops sell their special delicacies. There are tables and chairs for people to eat. They sell Thai, Japanese and western cuisine for customers with different tastes. 

Because I couldn’t find my photos of this place for some reasons ( I don’t know where the photos are), I have a map as a substitute. That food market is next to McDonald’s. =)

Tour Driver Contact Details

As promised, below is our driver’s contact number. His name is Mr. Mit. He’s friendly and very accommodating. When we asked for discounts for the tours, he gave it to us. So, I think that if you talk to him nicely, he’ll give you a lower tour price too.

Taxi Red Service Tours Service: 085-7150003

That’s it, friends!

This culminates my Chiang Mai adventure.

I would definitely recommend this city if you want to visit Thailand. It’s less crowded and people are more relaxed here than in Bangkok. I am surely going back in the future, either because I would like to visit the city again or I will travel to other Northern provinces of Thailand. 

How about you? What is your favorite city in Thailand? Why?


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