Koh Samet is one of the eastern islands of Thailand. It is in the Gulf of Thailand of the province of Rayong. It is the most common weekend getaway for the locals and the foreign visitors as it will only take 3- 4 hours’ journey by land and sea to get to the island.

Spending only the weekend in Koh Samet may not be an ideal travel plan but for people with busy schedules during the weekdays, it’s the best break there is with relaxing view and beautiful beach.

In order to reach the island from Bangkok, you need to first travel by land which can be done with a private car or a bus from Ekkamai Bus Terminal. Once you arrive in Ban Phe, buy the ferry tickets from the counter in the pier.

If you have your own car, there is an area just around the pier that you can park it for a fee.

The fare for the ferry is 100 Baht round trip. You must keep your return ticket as you will need to show it on your return.

There are food shops near the pier just in case you get hungry.

When you arrive at the pier in Koh Samet, you will then have to pay an entrance fee to the island. We paid 20 Baht/ person.

For transportation around the island, you can choose between renting a scooter or taking a tuk-tuk.

We rented a scooter for 300 Baht/ day. It was originally for 400 Baht but we were able to bargain since we rented three scooters. It is always a good practice to try to ask for a lower price. We even found some shops renting it for 500 Baht/ day and 100 Baht/ hour.

Accommodations in Koh Samet are affordable. It ranges from 500 Baht- up. Where we stayed is a bungalow type for 1, 500 Baht/ night.


Since we only have the weekend to explore the island, we didn’t waste any minute. As soon as we rested a little bit from the trip, we started exploring the island and the beaches.

Koh Samet

View Point in Koh Samet

Koh Samet

View Point

The island is  not that big and difficult to explore. We visited the scenic views and the free beaches for only few hours including the time we spend for taking pictures.

The map of Koh Samet

We found a bay called “Praw Bay” which houses resorts which I think are a little expensive. This is where we actually spent more of our swimming time because there were fewer people and the water is clean.

Koh Samet

Praw Bay entrance

Koh Samet

Praw Bay. This is where we spent our swimming time because there were few people.


Although we didn’t stay in any of the hotels and resorts in the Praw Bay, we tried the buffet breakfast in their restaurant. We were hungry at that time and we wanted to treat ourselves with nice food since we were kind of on a holiday. The charge for the buffet was 220 Baht/ person.

Restaurants are pretty much accessible to the public. Food cuisines vary from Thai and international food.

Another delicacy I tried on the island was the “Loti/Roti”. It’s sweet but delicious. I first tried it in Laos, which according to some, is where Loti originated from.

Dinner and Night Life

Koh Samet is known for its lively night life. This island is where people often spend and welcome the New Year or Songkran, Thai’s New Year festival.

Koh Samet

People are just chilling or having dinner at night in Koh Samet.

Koh Samet

Hunk men doing fire dance on stage.

Koh Samet is also known for its fire dance or any fun activities relating to fire. The dancers were hunk men compared to sexy women I often see fire dancing. It was different but very entertaining especially the abs of these men.

The video above showed the finale for the night’s presentation.

And here comes my story of this event. I got burned on my back because of the fire that has flown away. I was not even watching in the front when it happened but the fire just came to me. Ahgr! I don’t know if it was just me being a magnet of unluckiness that evening but it was painful and I had scars at my back now.

This was the result of the fire particles. It ruined my favorite shirt =(


Run fast when you’re in danger! =)

Kidding aside, Koh Samet didn’t fail my expectations. For a quick getaway, I had enjoyed my stay with the view of the island, delicious foods and night life activities. Most importantly, it was because of the people I am with. It’s always fun to be with different group of people.

However, you can still enjoy Koh Samet as a solo traveler or with your family and friends.

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Have you ever had an incident/accident during your travels?

How did you handle it?

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